Top 5 places to emigrate when you graduate

From balmy beaches to economic goldmines; if you want to boycott Blighty and go abroad, here’s our tips for the best places to go…

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Maybe it’s the rain or maybe it’s unemployment - maybe you’re just fed up with soggy fish and chips?

Given the current economic/meteological climate even the most patriotic person could be forgiven for wanting to decamp somewhere (anywhere!) better.

But we can go one step further than that - there’s an adopted homeland waiting for everyone, no matter what you’re after…

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1. Best for cool kids... Hamburg, Germany

With the economy in tatters where better to escape Britain’s financial woes than the economic King (or Queen) of Europe: Germany! Everyone la-di-dahs about Berlin but I’ve been informed by none other than a German that Hamburg’s actually where the cool kids hang out.

The weather’s not the best - so you’ll feel right at home - but it’s one of the most prosperous cities in Europe and benefits from being the continent’s major transport hub. In summary, we forecast a high quality of living with a 60% chance of drizzle.

John Kennedy famously said ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’, but who needs a Berliner (German for jammy donut) when you can have a Hamburger? Sounds delish. Now, repeat after me: ‘Ich bin ein Hamburger'

2. Best for intrepid explorers... Jakarta, Indonesia

Europe a bit boring? Matthew Montagu-Pollock, who runs the website Global Property Guide says developing countries are the best are where you should be emigrating:

“You are inherently rich, and can go out and spend money like you never would at home. You have a great social life, and finding work is like picking money off the floor. These are countries with 40 years of growth ahead.”

With this in mind Indonesia is HUGE . As the world's fourth most populous country, there's no doubt it has huge economic potential. Granted, there are certainly more beautiful countries in the world than Jakarta, but this cultural melting pot is full of surprises your average tourist doesn't see. From its decadent nightlife to the thrumming Chinese quarter, you'll never feel quite so far away from a night out in your local 'spoons.

Better still, living costs are wonderfully low and there’s no language-learning requirements as you can get around fine with English. Buying is a bit of a legal nightmare but when renting is cheaper, easier and more flexible, who cares?

3. Best for cheapskates... Chiang Mai, Thailand

Your average gap yarrr student will probably be able to spin you more tales than you care to hear about Thailand, but don’t let that put you off! The economic boom in the Philippines has made it more expensive so the title of dirt cheap living passes to Thailand and Cambodia.

Chiang Mai is the jewel of the North . Much cheaper than Bangkok, Chiang Mai has everything the Western expat could need, whilst maintaining a distinctly Thai charm and friendliness. Anyone intimidated by the bustle of Bangkok will enjoy its calm, more artsy feel whilst those who can’t take the heat will appreciate its cooler temperatures.

4. Best for (slumdog) millionaires... Mumbai, India

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and Mumbai (aka the setting of Slumdog Millionaire)is not only the home of Bollywood but it's also the business capital .

When the language of business is English, fluency in it is a major selling point. Knowledge of the Western market can get you a job in itself according to our guru Montagu-Pollock. But add to this a desirable skill - in India web design is on the up - and you're onto a winner!

Struggling sooo hard not to make a cheap quip about Brits and curry…

5. Best for home birds... Montpellier, France

The more cautious emigrant could do worse than France - far enough South for Mediterranean temperatures, close enough to Blighty if you’re homesick.

A survey of ten leading European nations found the French enjoy the best quality of life , coming top for longevity, early retirement and health spending.

And the crème de la crème is Montpellier. Voted the French’s fave city, its thriving uni helps create its energetic vibe. It’s in the sunny south and it’s got beaches on the Med. What more do you want? Wake up and smell the croissants…

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