Make a three course meal using ONLY a coffee maker

Budget travel meals just got very, very cheap indeed ...

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Whether travelling the world on a shoestring budget, or taking a quick city break here's how to avoid spending your precious savings on too many expensive dinners out, and still get a decent warm meal inside you.

For starters you could start the day with this brilliantly, budget travel cooked breakfast:

Make a cooked breakfast with an iron and tin foil!

And later, you can whip up a culinary storm using just one hotel/hostel appliance...

Behold: the oft found where no other cooking appliances exist, coffee maker!

Read on and we’ll tell you how to make steamed fish, pasta and veg AND chocolate fondue.

(Oh, and there's hardly any washing ).

How to make your three course meal:

First up? Steamed fish...

Turn your coffee maker on.

Place a fish steak in the filter.

Pour 10 cups of water through the coffee maker.

Flip the steak over and run another 10 cups of water through the machine.

Next: pasta...

Fills the glass decanter of your coffee maker with water.

Turn on coffee maker to start heating.

Whilst this is happening, rinse pasta thoroughly in a bowl to remove excess starch.

Place pasta in glass decanter. Stir briefly and allow to sit for five-six minutes.

Rinse pasta again, then place back into filter.

Pour eight cups of water through the filter.

Taste to check the pasta is cooked to perfection. Or as close to perfection as a coffee maker allows.

Pour pasta sauce into glass decanter and heat for approximately 1/2 hour.

Now for the healthy bit...

Use lighter veg (such as broccoli or corn) as this will take less time to heat.

Fill up the filter with your vegetables of choice and run six cups of water through the machine to cook.

Turn on coffee maker and wait to cook.

And the really fun bit: chocolate fondue...

Pour cream in the glass decanter and heat for 15 minutes.

Add broken chocolate bars to the cream and heat for 10 minutes.

Stir to create a smooth chocolate sauce.

Heat for a further five minutes, then remove decanter from heat.

Use forks to spear your chopped up fruit and dip in chocolate sauce.

Now, about that budget travel breakfast in bed:

Make a cooked breakfast with an iron and tin foil

[ Thanks to Peter Mazonson for these handy travel tips!]