Make a cooked breakfast with an iron and tin foil!

Incredible budget travelling tip: stuck in a hotel/hostel room? want some home-cooked food? Just plug in the iron...

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Whether you've missed breakfast, or haven't got the cash to eat out - you can set yourself up for the day in a hostel or hotel room for next to nothing if there's an iron in the room.

Just get in some eggs, bacon, tin foil and a loaf (you can even have it all in ready - chuck the bacon in the mini bar to keep it fresh).

If a DIY budget travel breakfast isn't amazing enough we've got lunch and dinner sorted too:

Making a three course meal using ONLY a coffee maker

But back to brekkie...

What you’ll need

An iron

Some tin foil

Rashers of bacon

An egg

How to make your cooked breakfast:

First up, the bacon...

Plug the iron in and turn off the steam setting.

Set up the ironing board.

Tear off some aluminium foil and fold over to make much thicker - technically, this is your hotplate.

Place rashers of bacon on the foil, just as you would when you pop them under the grill.

Add more foil to cover the bacon well and fold it over so that no bacon juice will leak (those ironing board stains would be fairly tricky to explain).

Iron your tin foil packet of bacon until cooked!

Now for the fried egg...

Create an aluminium foil tray by folding up the edges.

Crack your egg onto the tray.

Place on the iron (the iron should be sitting upside down for this).

Wait until ready!

Well done. It’s now time to celebrate your incredible appliance-based cooking skills! But, oh wait. Hold on. Does anybody have any cutlery..?

Right, now for your budget travel lunch and dinner:

Making a three course meal using a coffee maker

[ Thanks to the brilliant Natalie Tran for this wonderfully weird travel tip!]

[ Image: holycalamity]