Dirt cheap road trip to Alton Towers!

Very Cheap Travel: Head to Alton Towers for just £9 and get 62% off park entrance...

Dirt cheap road trip to alton towers

No matter what the weather man is telling us, we stand by the fact that it is summertime and that can mean only one thing: holidays.

With National Express offering £9 trips anywhere in the UK, you can buy one-way trips to Butlins, the pebble beaches at Brighton or even Reading Festival (if you’re lucky enough to have already nabbed a ticket), all for under a tenner each.

Even better however, is the fact that National Express coaches travel directly to Alton Towers and we all know there really is nothing like a good British theme park break - especially when you combine it with our AMAZING Alton Towers offers.

Unbelievably, tickets to the Staffordshire-based theme park will set you back just £15 (normally £39) for the whole month of July when you book through studentbeans.com. £15! That’s a whopping 62% off access to some of the UK’s most thrilling rides and - even better - only the person purchasing the tickets needs to be a student.

The deal ends at the end of July BUT you can still combine your £9 National Express trip with your theme park getaway, receiving an extremely generous 40% discount off Alton Towers tickets after July.

Just be sure to book your coach tickets at least 14 days in advance of your planned excursion and place your booking by 29 July.