Banned: The bizarre things countries outlaw

Claire Danes is contraband.

Claire danes

We take many things for granted here in Britain. Education, healthcare, unlimited Kinder Surprises.

We've all begged our parents for 20p for the gumball machine. And who hasn't dreamed of joining the Doctor in his Tardis for a bit of time travel?

But imagine a world where these things weren't just unavailable. But were actually banned. (Not the education and healthcare, mind. Although...)

Some Quora users have taken to the site to list some of the strangest things banned around the world. And topping that list...

Kinder Surprise is banned in the USA.


The FDA ban these chocolate treats or any confectionery holding a toy in the middle.

This is because it's a choking hazard for small children. So while we Brits ate carefully around the surprise, American kids were shoving the whole thing in their mouths apparently.

The FDA does not allow anything to be embedded within food. So long suckers.

Original names for babies in Denmark.

Source: Pixbay

You won't find any Ivy Blues or North Wests in Denmark.

The Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs provides a list of approved baby names for Danish parents to choose from. Er, boring.

Love on Valentine's Day in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Wikipedia

If you want to avoid yet another lonely Valentine's Day then maybe it's time to take that trip to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis believe it is in violation of Muslim beliefs and go out of their way to make sure it isn't celebrated.

The government orders all shops to remove anything that could be considered romantic in the lead up to the holiday.

Though tbh, it doesn't stop anyone and the black market thrives that time of year. We're starting a Me To You bear operation next year.

Chewing Gum in Singapore.

Source: Flickr

This law has been in place since the early nineties because the government claims that gum is a dirty habit. You risk the fine of $500 and $1000 but imagine never putting your hand under on a stick piece of disgraced gum again?

You can however have gum for 'medicinal purposes', whatever that may mean.

No time travel in China.

Source: Wikipedia

Fans of Back to the Future may want to look away for this one. The Chinese censors were not big fans of the film and feared that people may use time travel to go back in time and change history.

The only solution was to ban any TV show or film that showed time travel. So you won't find the Tardis in China.

Scrabble is banned in Romania.

Source: Wikipedia

If your family games get too heated then head to Romania for safety, where it's outlawed. In the 80s, the President, Nicolae Ceausescu described the game as 'overly intellectual' and 'subversive evil'.

Which is a shame because he could have scored quite highly with those words.

Claire Danes is banned from Manila.


If you want to watch Romeo + Juliet or Stardust in Manila you might just be out of luck. Ms Danes may have caused some bad blood when she referred to the city as 'ghastly and weird' and said it 'smelled of cockroaches'.

Doesn't seem so irrational when you put it like that.

Feature Image: Wikipedia/CC