9 awesome UK cities worth moving to if you're sick of London

We're totally fed up with the capital to be honest.

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Insane rent prices, crowds, and shit living standards - all that and more is up for grabs in London. And while many of us chose to move to this huge city, only few actually enjoy living here. Convinced that London's where it's at, we refuse to leave.

But once you actually do some digging, it turns out there are numerous other cities in the UK that actually offer way better living conditions than the much-hated capital.

  1. 1 Bristol
    Source: ddpnetwork.org

    If you're an artsy type and enjoy a good nightlife scene, Bristol is the place to be.

    Who cares about Shoreditch? Screw Hackney and Camden. Bristol is much cheaper and still manages to attract real artists, not middle class hipsters.

    With the average rent of £700 for a one bedroom flat and a great location close to the airport, 'Bristle' is definitely the place to be.

  2. 2 Cardiff
    Source: urbanistasuk.wordpress.com

    Cardiff is actually quite small, with a population of only 340,000. But that doesn't stop it from being the cultural and business hub of Wales.

    Lots of great parks, excellent transportation links with pretty much every part of the UK, and rent prices averaging at £550pcm for a one bedroom - who could say no to this Welsh capital?

    Oh, and did we mention Cardiff bay is absolutely fantastic?

  3. 3 Edinburgh
    Source: visitscotland.com

    Edinburgh not only offers affordable living costs, but also provides high salaries and super fast broadband.

    Plus, you get to be around people who speak with a beautiful accent all day long and let's be honest, nothing can really beat that.

  4. 4 Manchester
    Source: dhruvsofttechnology.com

    Once a textile powerhouse, now the city is changing into a national media hub - many established and independent film, TV, and gaming companies are settling in MediaCityUK in Salford, attracting new investors and money.

    Manchester is also great for full-time employment. What's more, only 20% of people are overworking, spending more than 45 hours a week at their jobs.

    Overtime might not seem like a big deal, but as many studies show, it is a actually a problem throughout the country. For example, close to 45% of people in full time employment in London stay in the office after hours. That's bonkers!

    So if you want to work less, but earn more, move to Manchester now.

  5. 5 Leeds
    Source: mode20.co.uk

    Do you like shopping? Move to Leeds.

    Seriously, the city has numerous high street stores within metres of each other. From independent boutiques in the Corn Exchange, to the designer stores in the Victoria Quarter, Leeds has something for every occasion and every budget.

    Leeds is also very cheap - for example, you can have a decent night out for less than £20, including your taxi home. Simply unheard of in London.

    And for those who like the great outdoors, Yorkshire offers beautiful sights.

    What can we say - Leeds has it all, really.

  6. 6 Liverpool
    Source: wikipedia.org

    If you're looking for a big city with fantastic nightlife and beautiful beaches then look no further. Liverpool is the place for you.

    In addition to the very low cost of living, the city of The Beatles is an amazing cultural hub, with numerous museums, concerts, festivals, and art exhibitions.

    The proximity of Manchester and excellent public transport between the two cities, you basically double the number of available jobs by moving here.

    Oh, we almost forgot - Liverpool the home of the oldest Chinese community in the country which can only mean one thing: top notch Chinese food.

  7. 7 Belfast
    Source: azamaraclubcruises.co.uk

    Belfast is perfect for those who love nature, but don't want to commit to living in the middle of nowhere. Here, you get the best of both worlds - all the conveniences of a city with incredible views basically at your doorstep.

    The properties here are very cheap (with an average cost of £100,000 for a two bedroom flat) and you have a great array of pubs and an even bigger net of coastal walks to choose from when you get bored.

    And if you ever fancy going back to uni, Queen’s University, part of the Russell Group, is there for you.

  8. 8 Sheffield
    Source: mosaicsheffield.org

    It's cheap, it's close to both Leeds and Manchester, and it's full of great music (Arctic Monkeys, hello?). What's not to like?

    What's more, with 80 parks, Sheffield is the greenest city in the country. So if you get tired of the murmur of the cars and the busy streets, there's plenty of places where you can take refuge.

    It’s also the home of Henderson’s Relish. We're sold.

  9. 9 Aberdeen
    Source: abdn.ac.uk

    With a very good employment rate of 79%, Aberdeen is a great place to move to.

    Relatively rich because of the North Sea oil industry, it still manages to maintain a fairly low cost of living - for example, an average rent in the area is only £550pcm for a one bedroom flat.

    But if drilling for oil is not your thing, worry not - there has been heavy investment in diversifying the local economy with electronics and IT in the recent years.

    If you don't mind cold weather, pack your bags and move to Aberdeen, pal.

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