15 tips for organising a cheap group holiday

Get your travel hustle on.

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So we all know that travelling is awesome – but as much as it’s awesome, it’s expensive. However, there are ways of planning a group getaway on a budget.

  1. 1 Spread the duties

    Put one person in charge of flights, one in charge of accommodation and another in charge of itinerary – leaving everyone to their own devices will just make things more complicated than they need to be.

  2. 2 Accept your individual holidays will be different

    Don’t feel like you have to do everything together all the time – if half the group want to go sightseeing while the other half want to lay on the beach – that’s fine. What’s important is that although you are on a group holiday, that you all have the individual breaks that you want too.

  3. 3 Decide the budget beforehand

    If you want to come back friendships intact then it's probably an idea to discuss what budget you had in mind and make sure that everyone agrees to a rough amount before you set off. The last thing you want is mismatched expectations and one person gearing up for a blow out while another is sticking to strictly free activities.

  4. 4 Think off the beaten track

    Prices are obviously going to be higher to go places that are massively hot right now. But just because somewhere is having a moment doesn't necessarily mean it's the best. Do a bit of research and we bet you'll surprise yourself with what you find. Your Instagram followers will be even more impressed by snaps of somewhere they've never heard of.

  5. 5 Book flights in advance

    The worst time to buy a ticket is within two weeks of your hol. On average, the best time is around three and a half months prior to the trip but keep an eye on the price fluctuations and get 'em while they're down.

  6. 6 Make sure it's not the school holidays

    Don't forget that prices rocket around these times so just double check that you are planning your trip when the kids are nicely cooped up at school. Also beware of bank holidays even though these do mean you can book one less day off work.

  7. 7 Book time off from the middle of the week

    Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often the cheapest days to fly, so you can save hundreds round trip just by tweaking your schedule.

  8. 8 Check Secret Flying
    Source: SecretFlying.com

    Secret Flying provide details to the most incredible flight deals – follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated with the best on offer.

  9. 9 Ditch the hotel

    The best thing about travelling as a group has to be the fact you can ditch the hotel and stay in an apartment. This also gives you the flexibility to make drinks and food (and hold the after party) in your own place. Plus…

  10. 10 Airbnb now do gift cards

    Ask for one every birthday and it all adds up – every little helps and all that.

    Use local public transport


    Yes, this might be daunting at first but take your time and you’ll work it out – especially as a group. And you’ll save a ton of money and learn something about where you are. No culture was ever discovered in the back of an Uber.

  11. 11 Never eat near tourist attractions

    The food will be double the price and half as nice. Use apps like Foursquare to find the best restaurants slightly away from the crowds.

  12. 12 Use Wifi to send messages

    Saves you the money of messaging as long as you can find it.

  13. 13 Use a kitty

    Pooling an equal amount of money each into a 'kitty' to fund group purchases such as taxis or food basics for the apartment will make things so much easier and limit and potential disputes over how much money everyone is putting in. Plus no complicated sums when you get back.

    But most importantly of all... Pack earplugs

    Any group holidays on the cheap will most likely involve close proximity and shared sleeping quarters - so take our word on this one and buy some earplugs for the sake of your own sanity. In our opinion, wax ones are the best and will let you block out the world for some important shut eye.

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