18 bizarre things found on Google Earth

When you're the all seeing eye of the earth you see some pretty weird things.


Google is everywhere. It's on our computer screens, it's driving down our streets (with cameras), it's flying through the air (with cameras), it's orbiting the earth (with cameras). Some people say there's nothing Google doesn't know. Well, I wouldn't go that far, but Google does know a hell of a lot.

It apparently knows when you're sunbathing topless, where China's military operates and most interestingly where Santa's been hiding all these years. Want proof? Then look no further...

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![enter image description here][10] It may initially look like someone has gone to great effort to carve a Native American man listening to an iPod into the landscape but the "Badlands Guardian" in Alberta, Canada, is actually a naturally occurring rock formation.


![enter image description here][11] Google Earth is a bit of a pain if you're in the intelligence business. That military training ground you built in the middle of a remote desert is really quite hard to hide when Google planes and satellites are flying over. This image is believed to be of a 1.8-square-mile scale model of a disputed region on the border of China and India. It is speculated that it is used to train tank drivers in case China and India do go to war over the region


![enter image description here][12] This piece of gravity defying parking in Westenbergstraat in the Netherlands is of course an art installation.


![enter image description here][5] A farmer in rural England vents his political frustrations via the medium of crop writing.


![enter image description here][14] Here Google Earth's cameras catch what seems to be a simulated aeroplane crash at Alameda Naval Base.


![enter image description here][4] Located in Baura in Brazil this man-shaped lake is of course man made.


![enter image description here][7] It's a fighter jet in a car park just outside Paris. Casual.


![enter image description here][8] His name is 'Hare' and he's a 200-foot-long giant pink fluffy bunny rabbit. He was built by a group of artists from Vienna and he's just lovely.


![enter image description here][17] This cruise liner shaped hotel was docked in the South Korean port of Busan when it was knocked overby the 135mph winds of Typhoon Maemi in 2003.


![enter image description here][21] It's not everyday you stumble across Santa when looking at an aerial photograph (with a transparent white Google road maps overlay of course).


![enter image description here][18] This huge KFC logo out in the Mojave Desert was formed from 65,000 1-foot-square tiles laid out over the course of 6 days. Ford also got in on product placement with a huge logo on top of their headquarters as did Coca-Cola:


![enter image description here][3] This Coca-Cola advert on a hillside in Chile is made from 70,000 empty coke bottles.


![enter image description here][6] Google Earth turned around the fortunes of this apparently insignificant island in the Adriatic Sea virtually overnight. Once the aerial photography showed that it was shaped like a heart forum activity related to the island grew and grew until come Valentine's Day the 130,000 square yard uninhabited island called Galesnjak was swamped by pairs of visitors.


![enter image description here][16] It's Oprah Winfrey's face. In crops.


![enter image description here][15] A lot of Swastika shaped buildings have been discovered by Google Earth. This one happens to be the US Navy Building in Coronado, California. They are apparently planning on spending $600,000 on changing the shape of it.


![enter image description here][20] This topless sunbather got caught short.


![enter image description here][1] It may look like a traffic jam for planes but that's exactly what it is. It's three planes circling Frankfurt Airport waiting to land.


![enter image description here][22] The Google Earth alphabet!

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