90s fashion trends we hope will NEVER return

Too much jelly.

Gwen feature.png

We spent most of our time in the 90s listening to angst-ridden grunge music or sugary sweet boy bands, whilst being fully engrossed in our Tamagotchis and watching Keenan & Kel on repeat.

Whether or not you were aware of it, the 90s also caused us to commit some serious clothing crimes. Fashion gurus are always talking about previous trends making a comeback, but we genuinely hope none of these 90s trends will return.

Check out these 19 disastrous fashion statements from the final decade of the 20th century - not even David Beckham could bring back a hair-curtain.

1. Personalised backpacks

2. Wearing your cap backwards

3. Bucket hats

4. Multiple hair buns

5. Butterfly clips

6. Chain wallets

7. Choker necklaces

8. Hair curtains

9. Wearing Discman headphones around your neck

10. Jelly shoes

11. Manpris

12. Mood rings

13. Platform flip-flops

14. Seed beads

15. Slap bracelets

16. Sweaters around waists

17. Tinted glasses

18. Wind breakers

19. Dungarees

(okay maybe Dungarees are already back, sorry Alexa).