9 super-easy ways to revamp your wardrobe

Sweet style salvation.


We've all been there: you own an absurd amount of clothing, but there's still nothing to wear.

It sounds ridiculous to other people, but you're not kidding - one of your drawers is totally taken up with 'maybe ok for fancy dress' items, and another full of laddered tights which you've kept 'just in case'.

For the sake of you and your tiny rented box room, it's time to hone down all of this into a selection of clothing that you actually wear.

Whether it's figuring out which garments to ditch or the ones that could just use a bit of love, here are a few ways of getting started.

  1. 1 Let go of old tights
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    They've been with you for every emotional step of the past six months, but they're also full of ladders and holes - many uncomfortably near the crotch - to prove it.

    Ditch them. In the case of an emergency, even that corner shop down the road always seems to sell them.

  2. 2 Get a lint roller
    de-pilling before and after
    Source: Recovering Shopaholic

    You know that fine-knit top that's gone all bobbly? It's easy to underestimate how much of a difference a little lint roll can make.

    Getting rid of those bobbles, or 'de-pilling', can make clothes look new again.

    Lint rollers are pretty darn cheap too, so try it.

  3. 3 Bleach the hell out of those whites
    washing white clothing
    Source: The Laundress Blog

    A shame your favourite white dress went a little grey over the years, hm?

    Bleach it using a magical thing called... bleach, and it'll look white once again.

    Be careful when you're doing it though - that stuff is nasty.

  4. 4 Bid farewell to the fancy dress drawer
    Taylor Swift as Olaf
    Source: Taylor is Olaf

    When you were at uni, there was a fancy dress party about once a week.

    While these were awesome times, they have passed. In the adult world, likelihood is this opportunity will only arise once a year on Halloween - so unless you're genuinely going to recycle that Ed Milliband outfit year after year after year, let him go.

  5. 5 If you haven't worn it in the past year...

    Chuck it. If neither spring, summer, autumn or winter has forced you into that pinstripe playsuit, nothing will.

    No ifs, no buts.

  6. 6 Use the coat hanger trick

    Closet clean out = satisfaction 😀 #hangers #closet #clean #satisfaction #jobdone

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    An easy way of figuring out what you actually wear or don't is this:

    Once a year, put all your clothes into your wardrobe with the hangers reversed.

    When you pull out an item of clothing to wear it, reverse the hanger.

    By the end of the year, you'll see what you've worn, and haven't.

  7. 7 Ditch clothes from *that* phase...

    Guys: that time you bought a tight white t-shirt as incentive for bulking up.

    Girls: that time you went for the femme fatale look after realising some people find you attractive.

    Once again folks, it's in the beautiful, infinite past.

    Give it to a charity shop so that the next generation can go through the exact same thing.

  8. 8 ...and clothes that make you feel crap about yourself

    A common misconception is that if an item of clothing looks great on a hanger, it must look good on you.

    Unfortunately, some clothes were never meant to leave Oxford Street's window displays, and look terrible once enveloping an actual human.

    We don't care if it cost you £75.00; if it makes you feel rubbish, it's gotta go.

  9. 9 Clean white-soled shoes with toothpaste

    Your favourite white-soled shoes look pretty grim once they've gone a brownish grey.

    But don't chuck them out straight away - give them a new lease of life with an old toothbrush and some toothpaste.

    See? A world of tatty, unworn clothing can be a thing of the past.

    And uh, not to jump the gun a bit, but you know what all that sorting has left room for? More clothes.

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