21 essential fashion items for the 00s wannabe skater girl

Can I make it any more obvious?


Some day in the early noughties, teenage girls everywhere looked down at the outfits our mothers had bought us from BHS and realised, this totally isn't me.

Totally independent of pop culture and all outside influences - well, besides Avril Lavigne and Green Day - we needed a style that would express the angst deep within our hearts.

Because nothing said "I hate being friends with girls - boys are so much less bitchy" like wearing a tie we got from Claire's Accessories, right?

  1. 1 These magical things
    90s choker
    Source: 90s Fashion
  2. 2 A belt that weighed more than you
    Studded belt
    Source: B B T Clothing
  3. 3 Shoe-engulfing jeans

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  4. 4 The tie
    Avril Lavigne
    Source: Fan Pop
  5. 5 These practical gloves
    fishnet gloves
    Source: Amazon
  6. 6 A selection of passive-aggressive badges
    Source: Etsy/theangryrobot
  7. 7 A pair of Vans
    Source: Vans
  8. 8 Or Vans sweatbands
    vans sweat band
    Source: 5SOS style guide
  9. 9 Or DCs were passable
    Source: Skately
  10. 10 The quintessential wallet chain
    Wallet chain
    Source: Pinterest
  11. 11 Stuff with this girl on it
    Emily the Strange
    Source: Dogoilpress
  12. 12 Totally 100% legit lip piercings
    fake lip piercing
    Source: Tattoosforfun/Pinterest
  13. 13 Sometimes these were thrown into the mix
    Love Actually screenshot
    Source: Universal Pictures
  14. 14 These bracelets
    Jelly bracelets
    Source: Amazon
  15. 15 Really witty slogan t-shirts
    ipood t-shirt
    Source: Sumo Sam's T-shirts
  16. 16 Authority-defying shoelaces
    Source: Ali Express
  17. 17 This hoodie
    Green Day hoodie
    Source: Fan Raro
  18. 18 Or this one
    Nine Inch Nails hoodie
    Source: ninshirts
  19. 19 Or this
    Source: Camps guru
  20. 20 Black nail polish for good measure
    Black nail polish
    Source: Eyemasq
  21. 21 And about this much eyeliner
    Avril Lavigne
    Source: Steal Her Style

    Thanks again, Avril.

    Feature image: 90s Fashion, Pinterest, Fan Pop