14 custom Ugg boots that are even more hideous than usual


  1. 1 These pearl 'Chanel' Uggs
    Source: The Hunt
  2. 2 These flame-detailed Uggs
    Source: @BlingYourBrand
  3. 3 These peace and love Uggs
    Source: Kayla Franks
  4. 4 These gold-sequinned Uggs
    Source: @rstelfer
  5. 5 These... whatever these are
    Source: ‏@Xof0reign
  6. 6 These Star Wars Uggs
    Source: Ugg

    Yes, these do exist in real life

    Source: Louise Smith
  7. 7 These denim devils
    Source: Keeb White
  8. 8 These 'just use everything in the box' Uggs
    Source: Posh Mark
  9. 9 These Jackson Pollock/Captain America Uggs
    Source: @Iam_4Ward
  10. 10 These multicoloured monstrosities
    Source: Ugglies
  11. 11 These pure pearl Uggs
    Source: Cloudfront
  12. 12 These Nightmare Before Christmas Uggs
    Source: Christmas Decors

    Okay, the drawings are pretty sick, but why waste them on Uggs?

  13. 13 These zebra print Uggs
    Source: Cutout and Keep
  14. 14 These Dallas Cowboys Uggs
    Source: @hmr1985az

    Feature © The Hunt/Bling Your Brand/@Xof0reign