Why are students less drunk than they used to be?

Is strawpedo even still a thing?

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So apparently uni isn't actually one continuous game of Ring of Fire. Who knew?

According to new research, students are drinking less beer than they were and are getting more into coffee.

The NUS and YouthSight found that sales of draught and packaged beer have gone down in student unions over the last three years but during the last year sales of hot drinks have gone up 11%.

And it appears that nights spent stuck to the SU floor yelling to One Direction may not be as key to the student experience as commonly believed. The survey of 1000 students showed that coffee shops and cafés are the most-used SU service (used by 87% of students).

The second most-used service was the union shop (81%), followed by clubs and societies (78%), with bars trailing in fourth with a poxy 74%.

Students said clubs and societies were the most useful service, and also voted advice and support and coffee shop and café facilities more useful than SU bars.


This hardly suggests 'getting on it' is a thing of the past but it does show an increasing trend away from doing sambuca shots through your nose until you end up comatose in the smoking area. NUS vice president for union development, Richard Brooks, thinks the increasing cost of uni may be having an effect.

He said: "Ten or 15 years ago people went to university, obviously to learn something but also to make friends and have a good time. A lot of policy-makers who I talk to think it's still like when they were at university but since the introduction of the £9,000 a year fees regime in 2012 students have become much more focused on employment prospects."

"Today's students are now much more likely to set up an academic society to provide the academic support that they may feel is lacking on their course."

Sure uni is expensive now, but a little bit less boozing doesn't mean students don't want to "make friends and have a good time". Let's not be hasty.

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