Top ten house party themes

Everyone knows that the best recipe for a house party is fun people, good music and plenty of booze. However, it doesn't hurt to jazz up the tried and tested formula, and these party ideas will help make sure yours is one to remember.


Toga Party

The Romans loved a good party, and here's your opportunity to recreate that, albeit with slightly more vodka and coke. Top tips for a toga party: don't use your only bed sheet to create your costume, and make sure you wear good underwear as togas will almost certainly unravel during the night.

Box Party

A bit unimaginatively titled but it certainly does a good job of getting everybody drunk. Everyone who arrives at the party is divided into different rooms. Each room has a box of alcohol, all of which must be finished before people are allowed to move about the house. Works well if there's something particularly nasty in each box!

Goths & Chavs Party

We all love a good stereotype don't we? Don some trackie bottoms, a baseball cap and gold earrings to release your inner chav, or get your goth on with white face paint, black lipstick and a suitably sullen expression.

Rave Party

To prepare for a rave-themed party, select some neon delights from Primark, pile on as many accessories as you can and draw all over your face. Once guests arrive, switch the lights off, turn the music up, and let the ridiculous dancing commence.

Rubik's Cube Party

It's an oldie but a goody. Everyone turns up wearing a variety of colours (red, white, blue, yellow, green, orange) and in the course of the night must swap clothes so they're all in one shade. Cue plenty of drunken flirting and some very strange outfits.

Superheroes vs. Supervillains Party

There just aren't enough opportunities in life to wear a cape, lycra and pants over your tights. Expect everything from Superman to Snape, Catwoman to Cruella De Vil and Robin Hood to Hannibal Lecter.

Cross-dressing Party

Boys will be denied entry if they turn up in anything less than a spangly dress and heels. Girls can play about with a variety of looks: think dirty old man, gangster pimp or anything that involves a beard.

Mexican Party

The essential ingredients for any Mexican party are large quantities of Tequila, eye-liner moustaches and sombreros and ponchos all round. Stick on some Latin music, pour plenty of Margaritas, serve up tortilla chips and you could almost be in Mexico...

'Dress as someone else at the party' Party

It goes without saying that people with a distinctive dress sense in everyday life will get the most imitators here, so prepare for some serious flak if you're into your crazy hairstyles, granddad jumpers, tie-dye or Hawaiian shirts.

ABC (Anything But Clothes) Party

This does not, as the name might suggest, require you to turn up naked (although people probably won't mind if you do). Instead you have to get creative and construct an outfit from non-clothing items. We're talking tea towels, pizza boxes, beer cans and strategically-placed lampshades.