Top ten hottest Aussie soap guys

We can pretend it's summer, right? Put another shrimp on the barbie and treat yourself to this feast of hotties from our favourite Aussie soaps...

Alan fletcher.jpg

Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher)

It's not worth thinking about a Ramsay Street without Dr Karl Kennedy in it. Now in his 18th year in the role, Alan Fletcher has charmed Neighbours viewers with his medical skills, smooth moves and his tendency to parent anyone who walks through the Kennedy door. Now a smooth crooner and frequenter of student nights in the UK to boot, Fletch has made it to the top of our ultimate Aussie soap heart-throbs list. Now do yourselves a favour and get this bad boy in your lug holes. Al will love you for it.

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Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth)

Fresh from his stint in Hollywood as the God of Thunder in mega-blockbuster, Thor, Home and Away's Chris Hemsworth recently married the ridiculously beautiful Elsa Pataky, who is now expecting Chris' first child. No, we're not jealous at all.

Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten)

Remember Vinnie? The joker of Summer Bay? Yeah, well he only went and ditched the Hawaiian shirt and the dodgy chain and got PIPING HOT. He can now be seen flexing his muscles in soft dracula-porn American TV show, True Blood.

Stuart Parker (Blair McDonough)

The casting department knew they were on to a good thing when they picked up Blair McDonough, fresh from his Big Brother Australia stint. He starred as mechanic Stuart Parker - the poor guy who was blamed for the death of Dee when her car wasn't deemed roadworthy. It really is tough living on Ramsay Street.

Billy Kennedy (Jesse Spencer)

Like so many of the Erinsborough crew, Karl and Susan's third son, Billy, ran off to Queensland (well, it was either that or Perth. Neighbours characters don't venture anywhere else) to embark upon a woodwork apprenticeship after he made a particularly lovely kitchen table for the Scullys. What a nice boy. Oh and he also had twins with Anne. Remember Anne?

Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor)

As Ramsay Street's resident hottie back in 2010, Scott McGregor graced Neighbours as the coolest kind of police investigator (he rode a motorbike). Unfortunately for us, Scott fled his neighbourly friends to flaunt his devilishly handsome face to the world as a model. Fortunately for us, learning this news led us to stumble upon shots like this. Oh, and this. You're welcome.

Mike Young (Guy Pearce)

Kylie and Jason aren't the only members of the old-school Neighbours alumni to have made it to the big-time. Guy Pearce, once smooth leather-jacketed Mike Young, most recently featured in the Oscar-winning The King's Speech and previously starred in L.A. Confidential and Memento. Obviously, none of these performances have been quite as gripping as his on-screen Neighbours relationship with Plain Jane Superbrain.

Brad Willis (Benjamin Grant)

Way back when Natalie Imbruglia was known as 'Beth from Neighbours', and Lucy Robinson was a regular character in Erinsborough, Brad Willis was *the* hunk on the street. Perhaps it was the hoop earring, his surfer dude charm or the way he wore those fetching baseball caps. Whatever the reason, Brad had the ladies a-swooning. I guess you just can't argue with a jaw like that.

Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan)

The hair. The pose. The sense that he might burst into tears at any given moment. This photo almost makes us question why were ever in love with Neighbours' Scott Robinson. And then we remember this.

Boyd Hoyland (Kyal Marsh)

Remember when Boyd looked like this? What a little cutey pie. Luckily for the ladies, actor Kyal Marsh kept his oh-so-cute good looks and developed some serious ABS during the ageing process.

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