Top 10 box sets to get you through the winter

A box set is the ideal companion for those seemingly never ending winter evenings - who needs real friends when you've got Jack Bauer and Tony Soprano.

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The Sopranos

In our opinion - the greatest thing that has ever been shown on the small screen. Telling the story of Tony Soprano and the less than wholesome lifestyle of his associates in New Jersey, each episode of The Sopranos feels like a film in its own right - and in six seasons there isn't a weak one amongst them.

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The Wire

Though it doesn't exactly make us want to visit Baltimore, it DOES make us want to sell our TV - because after watching this there's not much point in watching anything else... it'll only disappoint. Each season of The Wire tells the story of a different part of broken Baltimore - namely the drug trade, the ports, politics, the school system and the press - and it seems nowhere is safe from death and corruption.

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The West Wing

Created by Aaron Sorkin (who wrote the screenplay for The Social Network), The West Wing shows off some of the best writing you'll ever find in a TV show as it follows the stories of the often-forgotten senior staff in the White House. For those of you who think political shows can't be entertaining, you only need to look at the infinite number of awards the show won in its seven years to know how wrong you are. Watching The West Wing will make you a better person - we guarantee it.

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Can you remember a time before Jack Bauer? We can't - or rather we don't want to. He really has had some bad days in his time, all of which can be bought in the eight season 24 box set - what better way to get you into the mood for the upcoming feature film...

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Band Of Brothers

A TV show that involved Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks was also going to be a bit on the epic side, and Band Of Brothers doesn't disappoint. Following the story of 'Easy Company' from basic training right through to the end of the war, the show is widely regarded as one of the best TV shows of recent years... so what are you waiting for!

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Based largely on the experiences of executive producer Mark Wahlberg, Entourage tells the story of an up-and-coming film star and his friends as they navigate the unfamiliar world of Hollywood. Each episode of the show includes at least one celebrity cameo - during the eight seasons the show ran, everyone from Kanye West to John Cleese made an appearance.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

A guilty pleasure for a generation - Buffy The Vampire Slayer follows the adventures of the 'Scooby Gang' as they fought off every vampire, demon, zombie, and ghost you could ever imagine. Well, if you WILL live on a hell mouth...

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The Marmite of box sets - Lost started well, and then got progressively weirder and more confusing. 'Others', polar bears, smoke monsters and time travel are just the tip of the iceberg, but if you accept that Lost is a supernatural drama where such oddities are allowed rather than simply a story about a plane crash then it really is worth sticking with to the end. We watched it all, we enjoyed it all, we (more or less) understood it all.

Oh, and it's not 'all a dream'.

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The OC

Sickeningly attractive 'teens' hanging out by their infinity pools, attending Glastonbury-sized house parties and having an unrealistic amount of sex doesn't sound the makings of a great TV show - but if you can get past the jealousy, The OC is without doubt the best show of its kind we've seen (though this doesn't seem to stop a 'next OC' from appearing every few weeks).

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Prison Break

When the nights are long and the rain is incessant you need something to keep you occupied that doesn't involve leaving the familiar warmth of your bed. Box sets have become something of a phenomenon over recent years - not only do you get real value for money compared to buying an individual season, but you're guaranteed not to be at a loose end for months at a time.

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When Lincoln Burrows is imprisoned for supposedly murdering the Vice President’s brother, he’s thrown into Fox River Penitentiary to face the chair. As luck would have it, his uber-intelligent, architect brother, Michael, designed the prison and still has the bluebrints. Naturally, Michael decides to rob a bank and join his bro behind bars to plot an escape. ‘But surely he can’t take the blueprints to jail with him?’ we hear you cry. And you’d be right. He can’t. Unless, he gets them tattooed all over his body, that is...

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