The ultimate drinking at home guide

We all like to save a bit of money by drinking at home before going out - here's some ideas for that perfect home drinking session.

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Unsurprisingly, the results of the Student Drinking Survey 2011 showed that an overwhelming percentage of students drink at home as opposed to going out. Well, that, or both. It's generally the cheapest option to have a few at home before going off elsewhere and 82% saying they usually drink at home or at friends' houses during term-time.

With that in mind, we bring you some of the best things to do when you've got a free night and a fridge full of booze...

Make your own gummy bear shot glasses. Honestly, these taste so good.

Try out cucumber shot glasses. These might seem like less of a taste sensation than the gummy bear ones but just look at them. That's art right there.

Play drinking games with a load of mates. Find inspiration and avoid those arguments about rules too, by following the official rules for the very best drinking games out there.

Have a few cans over a good card game . Whether it's Poker, Rummy or Sh*thead at your abode and be sure to read up on that all-important rule-book...

Have a sing-a-long. Seriously now. Everyone loves a good karaoke sesh after a few (well, almost everyone - maybe not your neighbours). Find out how to hold your very own karaoke night for free.

Make your own cider . Learn the secret to making your very own scrummy scrumpy. If that's not tame enough for you then why not go for Turbo Cider , as advised by one of our users...

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