The 8 best housemate pranks of all time

Perfect pranks to pull on your housemates.

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There's not long now until you have to move out of your uni halls/house/flat for the summer and back in with your parents. Yes, they may provide you with a higher standard of catering, but it's a lot less fun.

Pranking your housemates can result in laughter, light-hearted revenge, and maybe an amusing Facebook picture. Pranking your parents will probably result in you being kicked out.

The perfect flat mate prank is somewhere between the super-tame unscrewing the salt shaker prank, and super-psycho kidnapping their hamster for ransom prank.

We’ve taken this in to account and come up with some revamped golden oldies, and some newies. Good luck, and happy pranking!

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1. 28 Seconds Later

What could be funnier than tricking your friend in to believing that the whole world has been destroyed by the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Rehearse an idea with a friend (or other flat mate) in which you wake your victim - sorry, friend – and convince them that the campus is rife with the brain-munchers. One of you needs to dress up as the undead and pay a visit, complete with grunting, gurgling and the mummy walk.

NB: Don’t carry this on too long if your friend is prone to fright-induced violence… Remove any potential weapons from the room beforehand.

2. Extreme Makeover: Student Edition

Whilst your flatmate is working hard at uni, treat them to a newly decorated room. For a modern, futuristic edge, plaster their walls and belongings in tin foil. For a cosy, festive look, how about Christmas wrapping paper, or to maximise their brain power, increase their news intake with newspaper. Brighten their day with a rainbow of neon post-it notes.

3. Balloon Bombardment

Is your flat mate feeling a little down? Homesick? Stressed? Here’s your chance to show your caring side – cheer them up by filling every inch of their room with balloons! Or if you’re feeling really cruel – I mean caring – fill the balloons with water beforehand.

4. Tomb of Adhesion

Exam time is stressful and can leave many students sleep deprived. Encourage your housemate to enjoy a well-deserved lie in by trapping them in their room! A generous application of parcel tape or cling film across their door should do the trick. (Be safe – don’t leave them in their adhesive tomb in case of fire drills).

5. Cup Carpet

Test your housemate’s agility and balance with this simple yet hilarity-inducing challenge. Cover all the floors of your flat in plastic cups (available in their hundreds at pound shops) and fill them with liquids; soapy water for good, clean fun, fizzy juice for extra annoying stickiness, or hot coffee if you are pure evil.

6. Pimp Their Ride

If your housemate is lucky enough to have a car at uni, surprise them with some unique accessorizing; try an informative bumper sticker a la The Inbetweeners, or some retro furry dice and matching funky wheel and seat covers. If their car looks in need of a little TLC, the decent thing to do would be to wash it; cover the whole car in shaving foam, complete with your own loving message.

7. Fat Burning Food Swap

Help your flat mate reach their target bikini body by replacing their favourite chocolate bars with healthy alternatives. Carefully peel back the wrapper and remove each chocolate bar; fill the empty wrappers with appropriately shaped raw potato or carrot, or if you’re really ruthless, how about wood! Reseal the wrapper with double sided tape or glue, then just wait for the gratitude and appreciation to roll in! What you choose to do with uneaten chocolate bars is up to you... omnomnomnom.

8. Prank Calls

Prank calls are always going to be funny. If you’re bored of the classics, try a prank phone call app like Phone Gangster which phones two friends at once, making both of them think the other person has phoned them. You listen whilst they have an irritated, confused phone call – for best effects, use it at 3am.

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