Student grants

Tens of millions available to students goes unclaimed each year. Find out what you're eligible for here.

Tens of millions of pounds available to students goes unclaimed each year. If there’s student grant or student bursaries money out there for you, this guide will help you make sure you get it.

There are lots of reason’s why you could be given money as a student, not all of them dependant how much your parents earn. Being excellent at a subject, sport or music, which home town you happen to be from or simply that you're short of cash and have bothered to apply, can mean money for you.

%###Remember!% You can apply for a student grant before you have a confirmed place, just use your first choice of course.

It’s pretty confusing, not to mention boring, finding out what student grants and scholarships might be available, so we’ve stripped out the just the facts you need in order to find out if you can apply for extra money.

We've listed and explained the scholarship, student grant and bursary opportunities relevant to you and linked to the best places for you to search and apply for them.

Maintenance Grant

Students grants aimed at lower earning backgrounds

Amount: _Up to £2906To get it: Your household income (parents combined pay) is less than £50,020You’re a British citizen and live in the UK (for at least the last 3 years)Your course leads to a recognised higher-education qualifcation (BS, BA, BEd, foundation degrees, HND, HNC’s, DipHE, PGCE, ITT - ask your university or college if unsure)Your course is publicly funded i.e. not a private course at a private colleges (most are, check with your uni if you’re unsure).If this is true for you, you should apply for a Maintenence grant.

(note: for every £1 of Maintenance student grant you receive your Maintenance loan will be reduced by 50p.)

Special Support Grant

Student Grants for those in special circumstances or who qualify for benefits

Amount: _Up to £2906The Special Support Grant is a student grant given in place of a Maintenance student grant To get it; You’re not a British citizen but have settled status or You’re a single parent or Your partner is also a student or You have certain disabilities or You get or qualify for Income Support or Housing BenefitThe Special Support Grant will not affect your Maintenance Loan. Apply for the Special Support Student Grant.

National Scholarship Programme

Student grant (or scholarship) given to students from lower income backgrounds through universities

From 2012/13 there will also be a new £150m National Scholarship Programme creating further students grants for lower income families. This was created with an aim to make sure poorer students still apply for university despite the increases in tuition fees. Although the money comes from the government it is the responsibility of individual universities to organise the recruitment of students from lower income background and give out the National Scholarship Programme student grants.

All the universities taking part in the National Scholarship Programme are listed here. Clicking on their link will take you through to their individual websites where you can find details of how to apply for a National Scholarship Programme student grant from that university. If your university is not listed then it is not taking part in the programme.

Travel Grant

A student grant medical and study abroad placement costs

Amount: Travel costs minus £303

To get it ;

You travel to a hospital (or other) in the UK as part of your medical or dental course


You travel to study abroad as part of your course (for at least 50% of the term)


You’re on a full-time higher education course

You are receiving student finance, or student grants that depend on your household income, e.g. a Maintenance Loan or Maintenance Grant.

For study abroad you can be reimbursed for

up to three return journeys between the UK and the overseas institution during a full academic year abroad.

the cost of children’s fare if a single parent who is also a student needs to take the them abroad

Medical expenses, visas and mandatory medical Insurance for the purpose of studying abroad

For all travel expenses you must purchase the most cost effective tickets using the most economical form of transport i.e. buses and economy class - student grants will not cover first class and cabs...!

To be reimbursed clinical placement travel costs fill in the SFE Clinical Study Travel Expenses Form available through .

To be reimbursed study abroad travel costs fill in the SFE Travel Abroad Expenses Form and get your uni to complete the SFE Course Abroad Form.

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs)

Student grants to help students who have disabilities, mental-health conditions or a specific learning difficulties like dyslexia or dyspraxia

To get it

You are on a full-time or part-time undergraduate course (e.g. a degree or HND-level course) including Open University and other distance-learning courses


You are on an eligible full-time or part-time postgraduate course (which you need a degree or equivalent quali?cation to get onto), including Open University and other distancelearning courses;


You have a disability, mental health condition or a learning dif?culty which affects your ability to study.


Specialist Equipment - Up to £5, 161 for the whole course

Non-medical helpers allowance (support workers e.g. note takers, readers) - Up to £20,520 a year.

General allowance - Up to £1,724 a year

Travel allowance - Reasonable costs

(All allowances are for costs related to the disability)

For postgraduate students there is a single allowance to meet all the above costs of up to £10,260 a year.

Student Bursaries, scholarships and awards

A variety of financial support possibilities given by individual universities, colleges, charities and educational trusts

Amount: Various

To get it;

The university, organisation and charity set the conditions that you need to meet for each scholarship, bursary ,award and student grant. Your university or college will give you advice on what’s available and you can check our resource list below - remember there’s money for available for all sorts of student not just those from lower earning backgrounds.



You are charged the maximum of £3,375 for tuition in 2011/12


You receive the full Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant

Then your university or college has to offer you at least £338 in 2011/12.

Student bursaries, scholarships and awards resources

Financial help and student grants for a whole range of students. Worth a look, worth applying - If you don’t ask - that’s right - you don’t get.


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