Student accommodation in Leeds

Accommodating two of the biggest universities in the country, Leeds is one of the UK’s most popular student towns.

Student accommodation in leeds

Student accommodation in Leeds: Halls of residence

Places for all first years - The University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University have halls at various locations both within the city and in the surrounding suburbs. Providing you apply by specific deadlines they tend to guarantee that all first years will be given places in halls.

In terms of facilities, both offer a wide range of options. Catered or self catered, on or off campus, en suite or shared bathrooms - there is something for everyone.

Visit each university’s accommodation pages to view the options and apply.

Leeds Uni Accommodation

Leeds Met Accommodation

Student accommodation in Leeds: Private houses

Where to live? - For returning students not in their first year the most common option is to move into private houses. Although private houses can be found all over the city, a large majority of students live around the Headingley and Hyde Park areas. Situated a twenty minute walk north of the Leeds Uni campus, Headingley is a vibrant student area with a number of bars and restaurants.

Who can help? - Both Leeds Uni and Leeds Met recommend that you start your search for private housing through Unipol, a charity that helps students find suitable accommodation in university towns. In Leeds Unipol own their own properties as well as advertising for other owners around the city. They also organise house hunting events in which people who are looking for rooms can meet each other.

Or... - Alternatively you can go direct to the numerous letting agents found around the city - for information on which companies are reputable, as well as more general information about student accommodation in Leeds, visit your university’s student union.

Leeds Uni Student Union

Leeds Met Student Union

Student accommodation in Leeds: Private halls of residence

A high quality alternative - Another option if you’re looking for student accommodation in Leeds is private halls of residence. Staying in private halls takes out all the hassle of paying bills or organising your own insurance and gives you the opportunity to meet a range of new people. One of the largest providers of such properties is UNITE.