99 things to do before you leave university

How many of these have you done? Tick off the rest whilst you're still at uni (and whilst you can get away with it).

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What you also get are wonderful articles such as this one. University is a very special time in your life. There are some incredible opportunities for personal growth. And also for being very, very silly. You'd be crazy not to grab these dual elements with both hands, so we've created this extremely handy list to work through before you leave uni.

How many have you already done? If there're any you think we should add, let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

99 things to do before you leave university

1. Steal something small from every professor you have

2. Write an apology letter or just apologize to all your enemies (see if you can leave friends with everyone)

3. Feed the campus wildlife (the animals)

4. Feed the campus wildlife (the students - take food stuffs to those spilling out the disco on a Friday night - just for fun)

5. Have an epic karoake night at your house utilizing just youtube, booze and your natural star quality

6. Take a life sized cardboard cut out of your favourite celebrity as a date to a university ball.

7. Go on a date with someone you would normally say no to and give them a chance. You may be great friends or extremely compatable.

8. Hand in an essay early

9. Busk on campus for a charity (even if you have zero talent..)

10. Teach someone something

11. Read a book that isn’t study related

12. Hire a bike for a week and see how it works out for you

13. Study in every library that exists at your university (like you’re ‘on tour’ - but studying).

14. Have dinner (or at least lunch) with a tutor

15. Drive to a beach. Swim. (If your uni’s miles away from the coast, you’ll just have to stay over..)

16. Get talking to someone you like the look of, but don’t know, in the library (at least once)

17. Climb a tree on campus


Make your own booze

19. Buy the librarians a present, no matter how much they act like the members of a certain political party from 1930's Germany.

20. Go to a university sports team’s game. Get vocal and animated with your support.

21. Have an incredibly elaborate picnic on a uni green space one lunch time

22. Sit in on a lecture that’s completely out of your field, but that you’ve always been fascinated by

23. Join a society for something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got round to

24. Apply for internships and jobs

25. Turn up at a 9 am lecture along with all the other students dressed in your PJs and dressing gowns.

26. Everybody act as if nothing unusual was happening  

27. Join a strange society, the stranger the better

28. Crash an event/evening that has nothing to do with you. The more formal, the better

29. Go to the careers office and speak to them completely honestly - whatever your thoughts and fears, loves and hates...

30. Go on a weekend country jaunt with friends - get as remote as possible

31. Start a conga at a big union night. See how long you can get it, before leading it as far from the music as possible (if you can get it to a house party or another club night, you can officially retire from doing stuff. Your work here is done)

32. Go to a traffic light party head to toe in green, face and body painted green, hair dyed green, with a green flag

33. Do something charitable or community spirited in your uni town i.e. outside of the university bubble

34. Go and see the art departments end of year shows

35. Go to a play put on by the drama department or a uni society

36. Get involved in a play or some kind of performance (e.g. fashion show, etc.)

37. Create a flash mob somewhere on campus

38. Visit all historical building and monuments in your town (including churches)

39. Go out sober and dance all night (at least once, repeat as required)

40. Swim in a fountain (campus if possible, town will do)

41. Set a friend up with someone

42. Kiss a gender you’ve never kissed before

43. Dive into a bush on campus.

44. Invite a tutor to happy hour

45. Have a halls ‘dormitory’ reunion

46. Go to an international party

47. Have an epic play fight on a campus green space

48. Give university radio a go

49. Make sangria in a bathtub

50. Dress up as member of the opposite sex

51. Build a camp using everyone’s bedding

52. Join the chess club and arrive asking to be the Dungeon Master

53. Go paddling on a hot day

54. Hold your own Come Dine With Me with other student houses

55 Get wheeled around in a shopping trolley. Steal a traffic cone. Put the traffic cone on your head and/or use as a loudspeaker whilst being wheeled around in a shopping trolley.

56. Take part in a protest

57. Write in to the uni radio station or newspaper

58. Attend a careers fair

59. Learn your university motto (in latin and the translation) and spend a week saying it whenever appropriate - and whenever inappropriate too. Just say it alot

60. Dress up as fictional character

61. If you think a lecture was particularly good, try and instigate a standing ovation

62. Do something, anything, silly for charity

63. Hug a professor

64. Discover a local band that you love

65. Give your parents a in depth tour of all the great stuff you do and love at University (It’ll make for an amazing trip for them, and make them feel happy whenever they think of you at uni)

66. Think about doing a sandwich year. Or at the least make an amazing sandwich. Like this sandwich

67. Have a drink or two with a homeless person

68. Research the haunted history of your university and town. Go on a ghost tour (or hold your own)

69. Kiss someone somewhere you’ve never kissed them before

70. Have a sleepover

71. Play an elaborate prank on a housemate like this incredible one

72. Bunk lectures en masse one miserable rainy day and hold a communal duvet day at your place

73. Win a pub quiz (whatever it takes)

74. Get frisky somewhere unusual on campus

75. Make a kite and fly it

76. Dress up formally to go out for a kebab

77. Have an 80’s montage house cleaning session, with appropriate outfits and music blaring  

78. Dress up as an animal

79. Go on a blind date

80. Go through a phase

81. Find out the names of all those people you know far too well to not know their names

82. Dye your hair

83. Send a text to Charlotte saying ‘I just kissed Charlotte - Yay!’ or any other hilarious drunken text

84. Start a secret club with preposterous rituals, outfits and names

85. Hang out with people as far away from your own social class as possible

86. Sleep under the stars

87. Make a movie starring your friends and your favourite places

88. Go to a service of a differing faith to your own - or any faith if you don’t have one

89. Make edible gummy shot glasses (yes! Amazing we know..) for a drinks party

90. Celebrate something by doing the classic shake up a bottle of champagne and spraying it all over yourself and everywhere (or at least with sparkling wine..!)

91. Make friends with a student from a country you’ve never known someone from or been to before

92. Go inside (and have a little explore) every building that is part of the university

93. Become a wise mentor for a Fresher doing your course. Tell them what you wish you’d known

94. Go to a ‘free party’ somewhere in your area and enjoy the magical mystery tour of trying to find it

95. Put a song on your SU jukebox on repeat, or your two favourites on alternate repeat, for minimum 1 hour

96. Consume your friend’s bodily expulsions/take part in homo-erotic ritual (rugby players only)

97. Learn a new sport or instrument or activity that you never thought you'd do

98. Dance until the sun comes up and then dance until it goes down again


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