19 books everyone should make time to read at uni

Because you should NEVER stop reading for fun (no matter how much coursework you've got)...

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Swamped with coursework and three novels to (skim)read by next Wednesday, the thought of reading for fun can seem like a distant and laughable memory. We're here to remind you that reading is awesome (mainly when no one's breathing down your neck to do it) and if you cut down on Facebook, Netflix and Instagram, we bet you'll find a spare half an hour here and there to nourish your soul with a bloody good book.

These are the books you NEED to read while you're still at uni - they just might change your life (and if they don't, it's always nice to have a break from Jane Austen)...

  1. 1 The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year, Sue Townsend
    sue townsend the woman who went to bed for a year

    If you're struggling to get along with someone in your halls, this will make your heart soar.

  2. 2 Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut
    breakfast of champions book cover

    Wanted to study philosophy, took geography instead? This'll stretch your brain in all sorts of directions.

  3. 3 The Man in the High Castle, Philip K. Dick
    the man in the high castle book cover

    Ever wondered what life would be like if the Nazis won the war and America became Japan's lapdog? Now you'll know...

  4. 4 The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood
    the handmaids tale book cover atwood

    Dystopia, geeeettttttt your dystopia...

  5. 5 Brave New World, Aldous Huxley
    aldous huxley brave new world

    Mind-fucks galore. Think reproductive technology, sleep-learning, psychological manipulation, and classical conditioning *shudder*.

  6. 6 The Road, Cormac McCarthy
    mccarthy the road book cover

    You've probably seen the film, but trust us, the book is better. Post-apocalyptic perfection.

  7. 7 Everyday Sexism, Laura Bates
    everyday sexism laura bates book cover

    A young journalist uses her skills to record insidious acts of gender inequality- a true eye-opener that's funny, sad, infuriating and (hopefully) galvanising.

  8. 8 Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty
    capital thomas piety book cover

    Still trying to get your head around the economy? Us too. This helps. Kind of.

  9. 9 We Need To Talk About Kevin, Lionel Shriver
    we need to talk about kevin book cover

    It'll make you glad you don't go to school in the US, that's for damn sure. AND it's devilishly well-written.

  10. 10 Not That Kind Of Girl, Lena Dunham
    not that kind of girl lena dunham book cover

    Caitlin Moran probably said it best: 'To a generation of girls, she is the thing. The very thing. The absolute thing'. If you've got a vagina, read it. If you haven't read it twice.

  11. 11 Once Upon The Alphabet, Oliver Jeffers
    once upon an alphabet book cover jeffers

    Those poor little blighters work hard to make our stories for us - but what if THEY had personalities? Twenty-six short stories that'll really get your brain going.

  12. 12 Middlemarch, George Eliot
    middlemarch george eliot book cover

    Caught up in discussions of the best classic novels (and feeling a little lost), having THIS up your sleeve will restore all kudos.

  13. 13 H Is For Hawk, Helen MacDonald
    helen macdonald h is for hawk book cover

    Nature-lovers, this one's for you.

  14. 14 The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir
    simone de beauvoir the second sex cover

    Call yourself a feminist? Not until you can drop a quote from this truly revolutionary tome.

  15. 15 Bring Up The Bodies, Hilary Mantel
    bring up the bodies hilary mantel book cover

    History fans simply have to read this wonderfully written (and painstakingly researched) book by all-round superhero and historian Hilary Mantel.

  16. 16 The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories
    the opposite of loneliness marina keegan cover

    Marina Keegan's star was on the rise when she graduated from Yale in May 2012. She had a play that was to be produced at the New York International Fringe Festival and a job waiting for her at the New Yorker. Tragically, five days after graduation, Marina died in a car crash. What she left behind needs to be read by every student with a dream.

  17. 17 One Day, David Nicholls
    one day book cover

    The second book from Nicholls is now on the shelves, but if you missed his first hit it's high time you got round to reading it. Love, loss, lust and everything in between - and it all starts at university.

  18. 18 Yes Please, Amy Poehler
    amy poehler yes please book cover

    If the Parcs & Rec Queen says it's OK to be a bitch sometimes, then it's OK to be a bitch sometimes.

  19. 19 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson
    fear and loathing in las vegas book cover

    And when it all feels a bit much, this'll remind you that in comparison, you're doing just fine.

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