23 times it's totally acceptable to cry

Let it all out guys!

Cryacc feature.png

British people have that whole stiff upper lip thing going on, but we'd like to argue that sometimes it's better to let it go (thanks Frozen!) and have a good old fashioned cry. Trust me, you'll feel much better for it.

Here are some examples when it's totally fine to wail your heart out. Just have some Kleenex at the ready!

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1. When you watch Bambi

2. Or A Little Princess

3. When you've finally handed in your dissertation after months of torment

4. When you get to the final stages of your DREAM JOB and you get told "thanks but no thanks"

5. When you're craving a late night McDonalds and they're CLOSED

6. If Orange ever stopped stop doing 2-4-1 Wednesdays

Don't worry this isn't happening but IF they did, you know you'd be crying into your popcorn.

7. When your parents inform you they're turning your old bedroom into a luxury suite for the cat

8. When you spill tomato sauce over your new white dress

9. When you wash your favourite pair of jeans only to find they no longer fit

10. When your internet crashes at a pivotal moment of your favourite series

11. When you accidentally spill wine on your laptop

12. Especially distressing if this happens during revision-time

13. When you're sitting your exam and you see that they've haven't asked ANYTHING you actually studied

14. When you're just really exhausted

15. When you attempt to bake a beautiful cake and it ALL GOES WRONG

Or any of these kitchen fails happen.

16. When your bills are much higher than you expected

17. When you call customer service and they have a real attitude with you

19. When you ask the hairdresser for more volume and they give you this...

20. When you're reading a REALLY sad book cough The Fault in Our Stars cough

Can't wait to cry my heart out when the film comes out.

21. When your boss/lecturer is inexplicably mean to you

22. When you get in a fight with your BFF

23. And lastly, whenever this song comes on...