22 cheap spring cleaning hacks for the Easter Hols

Clean first. Stuff your face with chocolate later.


The Easter holidays are fast approaching and with them the promise of beautiful spring days spent frolicking in meadows, picnicking with baguettes and French cheese, and petting nearby lambs. That is, if the weather allows.

Should April showers strike though, don't just hole up indoors with Netflix and a healthy dose of self-pity: get proactive and start cleaning! Whether it's your uni house that needs sprucing, or your bedroom at home that could do with some clearing out, now's the perfect time to pull out the rubber gloves and get your Kim & Aggie on.

Best of all, we've rooted out some of the most ingenious cleaning hacks around, and they're all cheap as chips!

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1. Dust with an old sock!

2. Clean your microwave with a bowl of water and vinegar

3. Hoover nooks and crannies by attaching the top of a ketchup bottle to your vacuum cleaner

4. Breathe life into stinky tupperware

5. Degrease your George Foreman grill with some damp kitchen towel

6. Use dryer sheets to clean your car

7. Make your own Febreze

8. Clean up with salt and vinegar

9. Scent your toilet paper

10. Use aluminium foil to iron your clothes quicker

11. Get rid of grease stains with a piece of chalk

12. Clean and freshen a chopping board with lemon and salt

13. Attach bulldog clips to the side of your desk to keep cables tidy

14. Put citrus rinds down your rubbish disposal

15. Clean your windows with old newspaper (less washing without using loads of kitchen roll)

16. De-gunge your shower head with a bag of vinegar

17. Use a lint roller to dust lampshades

18. Scrub mouldy grout with a mixture of bleach and baking soda

19. Dust your computer screen using a coffee filter (doesn't leave behind fibres like kitchen roll)

20. Tart up cupboards with an old toothbrush

21. Use toilet roll tubes to sort cables

22. Clean up vomit with baking soda and water!