19 things people who love spending time alone will understand

"What, you went to the cinema by yourself?"

Alone woman

Being all by yourself can actually be a wonderful thing - far away from the crowds, noise, and any distractions. Don't get me wrong, having an awesome time with family & friends is pretty great too, but that amazing feeling you get when you have the house all to yourself is a thing of beauty.

Scroll down if you reckon you're more of a me-time person than a loads-of-people-time person!

  1. 1 Your ideal weekend involves this...
  2. 2 In fact, nothing makes you happier on a Friday than realising you have ZERO plans for the next two days
  3. 3 Of course, when you tell your friends you're doing nothing they might just invite themselves over

    "Oh, you're just watching movies by yourself? Cool, I'll join"

  4. 4 Your true friends know if they do want to see you, it's best they're calm, chilled out and don't make too much noise
  5. 5 None of this
  6. 6 A good movie/book/album will hold your attention for ages
  7. 7 This on the other hand won't

    Okay, they're just playing the same song over and over again now and OMG WHY DID THAT GUY THROW HIS BEER ON ME!

  8. 8 Your dream home pretty much looks like this
  9. 9 You'd rather spend your holiday in this cool place than Magaluf/Ibiza
  10. 10 You walk/cycle to places not for exercise but to have more uninterrupted time by yourself
  11. 11 You've gone to the cinema alone and loved it
  12. 12 You've even gone to a restaurant on your own and loved it
  13. 13 You don't appreciate clingy people
  14. 14 When you plan a holiday you schedule in some time to break off from the group & do your own thing
  15. 15 If you're with someone, they fully understand that sometimes you need to be by yourself
  16. 16 If they didn't, it simply couldn't work
  17. 17 When you do meet up with people, you'd much prefer to see them one-on-one
  18. 18 Big groups are not your thing
  19. 19 But your time spent alone means you're an excellent observer

    People are always asking you for your opinion: "So how you feel about so-and-so's new boyfriend?".


  20. 20 Even if people give you a hard time for wanting to be on your tod
  21. 21 Ignore them and embrace that beautiful solitude!