19 steps to unleashing your inner gangsta at uni

Complete with drive-by, turf warfare and a pimpin' ride.


They say that everyone changes when they go to university. That they really come into their own and discover a new side to themselves. Well we wholeheartedly believe this too.

For those of you who feel you're holding back a lot of swagger, that you should get more respect than you do and have been dying to wear that baseball cap you bought months ago, we have the answer in 19 steps...

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1. Get your own back on your haters (tutors)

![enter image description here][2]

2. Identify your turf. The Union Shop will get you all the b*tches!

![enter image description here][3]

3. Protect your turf. Everyone's jealous of your swag, yo gotta be careful.

![enter image description here][4]

4. Intimidate the rival campus crew with a water pistol drive-by.

![enter image description here][5]

5. Call everyone 'dawg' or 'homie'

![enter image description here][6]

6. Eat your microwave ready meal before it's had 1-2 minutes to cool

because you're so HARD.

![enter image description here][7]

7. Chuck away all your belts. The closer to the floor your jeans are, the better.

![enter image description here][8]

8. Write your rapper name on all your essays and exam papers. You ARE BadAss Lil'Alan.

![enter image description here][9]

9. Pimp out your wheels. Get some flames on there, a velvet saddle and stick some big'ass speakers on the back.

![enter image description here][10]

10. Gangstas DON'T queue! Walk straight in the union club because the bouncers should KNOW who you are.

![enter image description here][11]

11. When you're in the club, you don't dance. You sit in V.I.P and the ladies come to you.

![enter image description here][12]

12. Take out your USB memory stick without 'ejecting' first. You don't take orders from no one.

![enter image description here][13]

13. Pay your library fines on the final day. You're a gangsta, you take your own sweet time.

![enter image description here][14]

14. Lacking bling? Get some foil and make yourself a HUGE dollar sign necklace. Gangsta's can be creative too y'know.

![enter image description here][15]

15. Finish your sentence even after the exam invigilator has told you to stop writing. You're a rebel, don't listen to no one!

![enter image description here][16]

16. NO ONE'S taking your parking spot on campus

![enter image description here][17]

17. You DON'T shake hands, you fist bump.

![enter image description here][18]

18. Make sure all your Facebook profile pictures include: a) A pile of money b) Your favourite bling c) A gangsta hand gesture of your choice d) As much swag as this guy:

![enter image description here][19]

19. Even drink your tea like a straight up G, yo...

![enter image description here][20]

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