19 signs your mum is unashamedly your BFF

Love ya mum!


Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mums out there! In honour of all the great mothers in the world we've compiled a list of signs you know you and your mum are best buds.

Who else is going to give you the best advice AND brew a perfect cup of tea?

1. Your mum always sticks up for you

2. You can talk to her about literally ANYTHING

3. She genuinely gives the best advice

4. She's the only one in the world to make tea JUST the way you like it

5. She's always 100% honest

6. But if someone does something hurtful to you she'll be ready to pounce!

7. You and your mum share a love of junkfood

8. She'll never make you feel bad about calories

9. You call her about every little detail of your life

10. You aspire to be just like her when you're older

11. If your mum's single you genuinely believe no one is good enough for her

12. If someone breaks your mum's heart you will have to kill them

13. When people say: "You sound just like your mum!" it actually makes you really happy

14. Sometimes your mum consults YOU for advice

15. You're friends with some of her friends too

16. At family weddings you two are the first and the last on the dancefloor

17. You like stealing her clothes

18. You actually think your mum is hilarious

19. Only your mum knows the way to your heart

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there!

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