12 lies told in every uni prospectus

Sparkling clean kitchens, promises of romance and lots of celebratory jumping ...right.


Prospectuses are supposed to show off the best of a university but if you ask us, sometimes they're just telling straight out lies!

Judging by the pictures, all students look well-dressed, the weather is always sunny and campus looks just like Hogwarts. Yeah right!

We made a collection of all the biggest lies and cliché's found in university prospectus' as a warning to future students.

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1. Your kitchen will be sparkling clean the whole time!

Have you EVER seen a student kitchen look this clean?! Where's the piles of washing up? The empty bottles from a months worth of pre-drinks? The cereal all over the floor?

2. You'll spend all your time studying outside on the grass in the sunshine.

Uhm, no you wont! The only grass on campus will not be the kind you sit on and then WHEN it finally is sunny, you'll be up to your eyeballs in revision and stuck in the library instead.

3. Uni is so GREAT they give you your own phone in your room! How kind.

Yes! So 'kind'. It only cost £3.99 a minute and cuts out whenever it feels like it. So much more convenient than a mobile!

4. You'll meet the love of you life on campus

Sure, there isn't anything quite like the romantic glow of 8 sambuca shots and the latest Pitbull tune. Some people actually meet a different 'soul mate' every other night out. Imagine that!

5. The library is a great place to work with friends. It barely feels like work at all!

A) No one has EVER laughed when studying. B) Studying with friends doesn't feel like work because you don't end up doing any work. C) No one has EVER laughed when studying.

6. Laundry rooms are so easy and cheap to use

If laundry was easy, students would be doing it all the time. Most students don't even know where the laundry room is, let alone how to use it.

7. Join loads of societies and let your creative side out

Yes, you'll join lots of societies but whether you'll actually turn up to the Bhangra dancing tri-weekly rehearsals or the Ultimate Frisbee try-outs is another thing.

8. The university campus is so scenic and historic. It's just like being at Hogwarts.

Yeah, the buildings are old, but more circa 1960-70 - and they look like run down council flats not castle turrets. You won't see Harry Potter prancing around campus at any point (unless it's a themed pub crawl!)

9. Everyone walks around with piles of books and rucksacks

Sometimes they do, but it would have to be the week before exams and it's the first time most people have stepped into the library. They're also not smiling like this lovely lass and neither do they have washed hair and make-up on.

Exams brings out the zombies, and zombies are not photogenic.

10. Having a Macbook will make you stand out from the crowd and popular with the ladies

Sorry Macbook users, every other person is rocking an apple symbol nowadays. You'll have as much chance getting the ladies with a Macbook than you will saying 'Hey! Have you seen this new site called Twitter?'

11. You'll be so happy and totally photogenic on your graduation day

As long as you get a 2:1, it's sunny and you didn't trip over your gown on your way up to the stage. You're more likely to have more pictures with a wonky mortar board, frizzy hair and smudged make-up from the crying.

12. You'll be jumping for joy in front of every building around campus

The only time you'll be jumping like this is when you've handed in your final assignment or if you and your friends have just trodden on hot coals. Could happen ya know...

Get 100 free photo prints from Snapfish! Print off all your favourite memories from the last uni term