11 ways uni actually does prepare you for the real world

Don't listen to the haters.


Ever heard an Actual Adult whinge about how ill-prepared students are for the real world? Of course you have.

Well, next time someone uses the phrase 'student bubble' you can tell them to shove it. Uni does prepare you for professional adulting and this is how.

  1. 1 Being really, really poor

    Eating Sainsbury's Basics cornflakes for every meal is great prep for funding a social life on your paltry do-you-actually-need-to-eat-though graduate salary. You're on a learning curve. Or, rather, a straight line, that starts and ends with borderline destitution. Unless you studied accounting and finance, that is.

  2. 2 Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

    Necking too many crappy corner shop energy drinks and gently hallucinating until the sun comes up is a great way to learn how to get shit done in an efficient way. Being able to power through and get tasks finished in time is important in most jobs. And, thankfully, your boss is unlikely to ask you for 8000 words of Harvard-referenced genius on representations of gender in 19th century poetry.

  3. 3 Writing a good email

    The only thing standing between you and spending your hungover morning in bed clutching a jar of Nutella and a fork (all the spoons were dirty) is a good email of explanation to your unsuspecting 9am seminar leader. This is great prep for those Sunday night messages to your boss narrating the gory details of the 'food poisoning' that you can feel coming on.

  4. 4 Handling your hangover

    Your desire to drink the night before something important does not disappear the moment you whack someone in the eye with your mortarboard. On those occasions that you do make it to your 9am lecture, you are learning a valuable life lesson. Have a paracetamol and give yourself a pat on the back.

  5. 5 Shirking like a pro

    Procrastination can also be an office activity. Trust us.

  6. 6 How to cut through bullshit jargon

    The world of academia and the world of work are both full of unnecessary words. When you've spent several hours listening to an academic trying to explain poststructuralism, your manager talking about 'synergy' doesn't seem quite so bad.

  7. 7 Dealing with shitty landlords

    Unfortunately, being catapulted into the adult world doesn't mean much more money, just more work. Your experiences dealing with neglectful and unpleasant student landlords will prep you well for negotiating with rude and extortionate regular landlords.

  8. 8 Coping with little sleep

    Remember that time you wrote your entire dissertation in four days? If you can miss two nights of sleep and still elbow your way to the front of the SU bar queue afterwards, getting up at 7am everyday won't be so bad.

  9. 9 Living with people you hate

    Once you've shared an ant-infested kitchen with 11 strangers, cruising flats in Walthamstow with three recruitment consultants you met on SpareRoom will be a doddle.

  10. 10 Pretending you're sober enough to get in a taxi

    The ability to mask your queasiness will never not be useful.

  11. 11 Making amazing outfits out of a bin liner

    Just knocked up a bin liner dress, anyone want to model it xx

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    Yeah, we just included this one because it's fun. Don't actually show up to the office wearing a bin liner pencil skirt.

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