11 student life hacks that will make uni a breeze

No more soggy pizza or lost essays.

Gummy bears

We all know student life is the best. It's when you store up enough sleep to propel you through life, drink your weight in unwisely-coloured cocktails and somehow still make it to lectures. (OK not 9am ones, but the later ones. The late afternoon ones.) And it's the time you get to dig deeper into your chosen subject, make forever friends and actually work out who you really are.

But it's also the time you'll be the most thrifty, the most innovative, and hey, the most eager to take advantage all the free shiz on offer. Because it's the most skint you'll ever be (hopefully).

With that in mind, here are some fantastic hacks to make student life that bit easier, more affordable, and more fun.

  1. 1 Split your bills fairly

    Don't end a beautiful new friendship over money. Splitwise is a nifty little app that lets you fairly sort out all kinds of bills - from your household utilities to drinks on a night out. Plus, it's free.

  2. 2 Collaborate with your peers at any time of the day or night

    Collaborate in real time, at any time, with others in your study groups. Using Word, Excel and Powerpoint on OneDrive means you can store and co-author all the documents you need so you can always move work forward, even when Sammy's in Fife visiting his girlfriend, and nocturnal Natasha only switches her laptop on at 3am.

  3. 3 Use Washi tape for sticking up posters
    Source: Design Sponge

    It looks cute and doesn't pull the paint off the walls. Wins for you and your deposit. Plus, cheap.

  4. 4 Listen to lecture notes double quick

    Record your lectures then play them back at double speed so you can scratch out all the ums and ahs, and all that time the lecturer was waiting for Steve in the back row to get off his phone. Actually, you might want to use triple speed if Steve's in all your lectures.

  5. 5 Reheat pizza the right way
    Source: Hexjam/Anna Neyman

    There is a knack to leftover pizza, and it involves stepping away from the microwave. Here's our super-easy guide for delicious, crispy leftovers that are even better the next day. For breakfast if you like.

  6. 6 Never waste food again

    Try out Olio, a super cool new app that connects neighbours to share food and make sure it doesn't go to waste. You might make some friends in the process too.

  7. 7 Get your essays proof read

    Typos, odd trains of thought, forgotten footnotes and auto correct can all conspire against you to bring down your essay marks. So for the big ones it can be worth employing a proof reader. Try Proof My Essay if your friends can't spell.

  8. 8 Cool a warm beer down in 15 tiny minutes
    Source: Imgur

    On those freakishly beautiful sunny days in the UK when you just weren't prepared and don't have any beer in the fridge, you need to know how to cool it down double quick. Simply wrap some damp kitchen roll around the bottle and place in the fridge. No exploding beer bottles in the freezer for you. It'll be pleasantly cold in just 15 minutes.

  9. 9 Get free wifi anywhere
    Source: FourSquare

    Never have any data allowance? A slave to wifi? Well that gets a lot easier when you know the password to wifi networks all over the globe. Log into the location-based social network FourSquare and check the comments for your local wifi network passwords. Use free wifi. Thank the Redditors of this world. Rejoice.

  10. 10 Use smart incentives
    Source: Reddit

    Read a paragraph, unlock a jelly baby (or sweet of your choice), nail 2.1.