10 types of people you encounter during exams

Must avoid all zombies!


During exam season you will have encountered all sorts of people, due to lack of sleep and poor mental and physical well-being it's very difficult to tolerate people causing a fuss in the exam hall.

Here are 10 people you will most definitely come across, some worse than others, from stressed out students going OCD over their stationery, to people driving you insane with their constant moaning. Yeah, we get it was hard...we were THERE.

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1. The Zombie

You see them as you leave the library at 10pm and they are still there when you arrive the next morning. Their stillness and the way they stare blankly at the screen of their laptop is eerie. When was the last time they slept? Have they showered recently? Are they ALIVE?!

2. Mr. Denial

He’s always on FB, posting links with captions like,’LOL SO FUNNY!1!’. Your phone keeps buzzing from his constant stream of ‘hilarious’ tweets, SnapChats and Whatsapps. While you would normally appreciate the distraction, you’re actually a bit concerned if he’s started revising at all.

3. Last minute ‘Larry’

It’s the night before the exam. He’s sat in the corner of the library, surrounded by a fort of books he is skim reading at lightning speed. The next morning he trails into the exam hall looking like hell, wearing the same clothes from last night, still clutching the few notes he managed to make. Don’t worry, he’s done enough to pass. Just.

4. Gym addict

By the time you drag your sorry arse to the library they are already there chugging back a protein shake post-sweaty workout. Decked out in uniform of varsity trackies, trainers and a gym bag of smelly kit, you’re surprised they're even been able to fit revision around his workout sessions. Ever the exercise opportunist, they've found some heavy books to use as weights in the library.

5. Stationery sorter

While we all like to be organised and make our notes easy to read, some take it to the extreme. Armed with highlighters in 20 different shades, post-it notes in all sizes, colouring pencils, tippex, a ruler, hole punch re-enforcers and a stapler, this individual spends more time colour coding and stationary arranging than actual note taking. At least you know they’ll have a spare pen if yours runs out.

6. The moaner

They seem to be posting a status about how much work they have every 5 minutes and whinging every time they see you about how stressed out they are. At 3am, they start posting on Facebook in CAPITAL LETTERS to let everyone know that their exam is tomorrow, and they’re so not prepared! You feel super sorry for them, I mean it’s not like everyone else has exams at the same time…

7. Annoyingly over-prepared student

Alphabetised, colour coded notes? Check! Read the suggested texts and beyond? Check! Feeling very smug and want to let everyone know about it? Check Check Check!

8. The feaster

Everyone needs a snack when they’re revising but this person could give Homer Simpson a run for his money. Armed with enough food to feed an army, they plough their way through books as well bags of Doritos. You can’t deny it’s helping them work, but all that friggin rustling and crunching is not helping you!

9. The frantic fresher

They started revising weeks ago but they’re SO scared they’re going to fail. They take up a whole table in the library for all their books (half of which they don’t even need!) At lunchtime you can hear them on the phone to their parents panicking about whether they’ve done enough. Does no one have the heart to tell them they only need 40%?

10. Caffeine addict

Prone to rapid mood swings and erratic behaviour, the caffeine addict doesn't need sleep - they're far too jumpy and buzzed up for that anyway… Always found with an energy drink in hand, they've got enough Costa points from all the double espresso’s to last them until next year. You’re just hoping they don't re-create the infamous scene from The Inbetweeners in your exam next week.

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