10 horrible realisations everyone who's about to graduate has

RIP student loan


The academic year is coming to an end and you're about to graduate. But what next? You spend countless hours wondering what your next move should be. Should I go travelling? apply for some jobs? Do a master's degree? It's a lot to take in, we get it.

  1. 1 You suddenly realise that money will no longer materialise in your bank account every few months

    RIP student loan RIP easy money

  2. 2 And right around the same time, it probably hits you that you’re somewhere around 20k in debt, too - no biggie

    "If my calculations are correct, I am fucked" - you, right now.

  3. 3 You start being scared that you will lose your ultimate freedom by having to work 9-5

    Your busy schedule of sleeping, eating, and getting drunk with your mates will most likely have to change, soz.

  4. 4 Which means no more sleeping till 1pm and staying up all night

    Say goodbye to your Netflix.

  5. 5 Your life is no longer dictated by the schedule of an academic year so you start feeling slightly lost

    "What do you mean I am not starting lectures in September?! What do I do then? WHAT IS LIFE?"

  6. 6 You feel uneasy because you begin to realise it won't be as easy to find a job after uni as you thought it would be

    Plus, the constant thought of having to fill out job applications slowly drives you crazy.

  7. 7 Consequently, you slowly start wondering if you’ve chosen the right degree after all

    Yes, yes you have. But it's still ok to panic.

  8. 8 You also realise that you’ve missed out on a lot of knowledge over the past few years by not hitting ‘em books hard enough

    It seemed like a good idea at the time, we get it.

  9. 9 As your flatmates move out, one by one, it hits you most of your besties will soon be living far away from you

    And making new friends outside of uni seems like such a strange concept.

  10. 10 And finally, you click that three-months-long summer vacations will soon become a thing of the past

    Totally #lazyandproud

    Don't worry though - everything will be ok. You will be fine. TRUST US.