10 brilliant fancy dress party ideas

These themes put a little twist on fancy dress nights and make for brilliant parties.

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From clucking around in chicken suits to being snuggled up in onesies, most of us have at least a few embarrassing photos kicking around of themed nights.

Sometimes it gets tempting to recycle the same themes, and fancy dress can get a bit samey. We've compiled a list of themes with a bit of twist, perfect for guaranteeing a great party (and for adding some more embarrassing photos to your albums...).

1.) Something from...The television of your childhood

Everybody loves playing that nostalgic game of chatting about the TV you watched when you were kids. This theme brings that conversation to life to brilliantly help kick start a party. It can also make for a pretty surreal (and potentially somewhat scary) scene..

2.) Bad taste

This one is simple, classic and never fails to be hilarious. You simple dress up in the worst outfit you can think of - make yourself look as terrible as possible. Clothing can be easily sourced from charity shops, cheap stores and without wanting to make any accusations....the back of your own wardrobe. We ALL make fashion mistakes...

3.) Song titles

This theme is also great for variety; you can dress up as almost anything! You could be an "Umbrella" a "Butterfly" or even a "Spaceman". The best fun with this, is trying to guess everyone's song.

For added fun you can create a playlist of everyone's songs and then when that person's song is playing they are the 'party celebrity' for that time - everyone points to them, cheers them - basically it's 'their time'.

4.) A&E

Great for when money is tight, you can create your costume in minutes. Whether you want to be a surgeon or a victim, just rip up some clothes and get out the face paint.

You can also really go to town if you like too. What's the most elaborate and strangest injury you can think of? Telling the back story to it, really gets the conversation flowing.

5.) Dead Celebrities

Again, this is something that's really easy. You could even adapt it for Halloween and make it Zombie Dead Celebrities.

6.) Something you hate

This theme is great for sparking up a good conversation....It's also full of creative potential. Hate your dissertation? You could even make a costume from that!

7.) Drunk Babies

The idea of a drunken baby is funny, no doubt. Just look at the recent drunk baby meme that has gone super viral.

Also, given the current craze of onesies, its understandable that people are starting to wear them out as well. If you add a few accessories like dummies or nappies you've got yourself a baby costume.

For the drunk bit...We're not going to patronize you.

8.) Rubik's Cube

This one's great fun, because it REALLY get's everyone interacting, chatting and, well, taking their clothes off,

What you do is wear an outfit that has the 6 colours of the Rubik's Cube represented by at least one piece of clothing - so for example red socks, blue trousers, yellow underwear...Then when you're at the party, you need to swap clothes and try and complete one side of the Rubik's cube (so end up all as one colour).

Lastly you can go and find the other 5 colours and try and turn yourselves into a human Rubik's Cube!

This last part's optional.

9.) Graffiti party

This can be hilarious fun, and really make for a brilliant party. Plus it's really simple and pretty cheap to organise. People just come wearing all white, and then everyone graffitis up each other's clothes to create some amazing, imaginative and personal designs. The host can provide the graffiti tools (markers, paints, pens, glitter and glue..) or everyone can be responsible for bringing one thing.

What makes this even more an amazing idea, is everybody gets their own personal souvenir from the evening in the form of their awesome graffitied costume!

10.) What you're going to be in ten years time

The great thing about this is that you can play up to people's stereotyped view of you, or confound expectations and reveal a whole new secret ambition....