Why being in a relationship in your 20s is actually glorious

They're the garlic dip to your Domino's.


You're in your twenties, they say. You shouldn't be shackled down by a girlfriend or boyfriend, they say.

When you're in a serious relationship at this age it's easy to tell yourself - and let others tell you - that you're wasting your youth. That these years are best spent single, and that by committing to another human, your life's prematurely boiled down to arguments in Ikea and double dates at Pizza Express.

If that's your vibe, go for it, by all means. But for most of us, being in healthy relationship in our 20s is far from impeding.


  1. 1 You're allowed to have sex whenever you want

    It's a bit like that moment you discover that, as an adult, you can stay up past bed time or eat ice cream for dinner.

  2. 2 You can be aimless together

    Bae is lying on the bed wondering if the life of an Acute Management Compliance Executive is really for her. You're wondering if you should have taken that Graduate Recruitment Consultant role after all.

    You both lie staring at the ceiling for a while. At least you're in it together.

  3. 3 You have an instant excuse-in-a-box

    It's a secret agreement: you're each allowed to make the other seem unreasonable in order to get out of undesirable social situations.

    Jenny and her new banker boyfriend have hired out a gallery space to celebrate their first three months together. You'd love to come, but Andy's entire extended family are coming round for fajitas and you just can't bail.

  4. 4 You can listen to your mates' Tinder nightmares without The Fear setting in

    You were there once. It's taken time and healing, but the flashbacks are beginning to fade now.

  5. 5 You don't have your own Tinder nightmares now

    No more time wasting on dates you knew weren't going to end well within five minutes.

    You're young, dammit. Time is of the essence.

  6. 6 You can party harder

    Contrary to popular belief, having a significant other allows you to dance later into the night.

    You are one another's drunken chaperones. There's also twice the chance that one of your phones has enough charge to call an Uber.

  7. 7 Sex is reliably tip-top quality

    No more surprise requests to role play as an angry junior doctor or do things involving marscapone.

    Nossir - you both know the drill, your limits and turn-ons, and the only outcome is excellence. Are there awards for this kind of stuff? Because you should totally apply.

  8. 8 You've got an instant adventure buddy

    You have a sudden urge to go abseiling this weekend, but who'd make such a commitment at short notice, and despite being terrified of heights?

    Guess who.

  9. 9 And dance partner

    There's nothing that they haven't seen anyway.

  10. 10 A plus one

    Your aunt Jemima's 47th will be endurable at best, but it's easier having someone to hide amongst the canapés with.

  11. 11 Three words: Two for Tuesdays

    Domino's - supporting slightly overweight couples everywhere.

  12. 12 You can liberate yourself from the shackles that are clothes

    Why would you bother wearing them again?

    Apart from high-quality dressing gowns. They're acceptable.

  13. 13 And vent to someone about the pettiest things

    Max borrowed £3.50 off you and hasn't paid you back. And it's really annoying because it's not enough money to chase about but, you could have bought lunch with that, you know?

    They'll listen though every shitty detail. But it's fine, because it'll be your turn tomorrow.

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