One night stands: Expectation vs reality

A night to remember, for certain reasons.

Sex feat

Thanks to all films, music videos and books ever made, we always imagined one night stands to be nights of outrageous anonymous sexytime, before saying bye bye to our mysterious hook up forever.

But whether you've had one night stand or 37, it soon becomes apparent that's... not how always how it pans out.

  1. 1 Expectation: You spot someone and think

    Reality: You spot someone and think

    Celebrate imperfections, and all that.

  2. 2 Expectation: You catch their eye like

    Reality: You catch their eye like

    You weren't blessed with grace.

  3. 3 Expectation: You seduce them like

    Reality: You seduce them like


    We are but young for a brief amount of time.

  4. 4 Expectation: The best sex of your life

    Reality: Some sex


    That was nice.

  5. 5 Expectation: Two condoms are enough to last the night

    Reality: 50 condoms are enough to last the night

    Drunken condom-fitting skills are easily overestimated.

  6. 6 Expectation: This is goodbye forever

    Reality: This isn't goodbye forever

    You bump into them by the Aldi aubergines the very next week because yes, they do live in the same city.

  7. 7 Expectation: In the morning you're like

    Reality: In the morning you're like


    Sex is hungry work.

  8. 8 Expectation: You slip away unnoticed

    Reality: You slip away past seven housemates

  9. 9 Expectation: Epic walk of shame home

    Reality: "Your Uber driver is arriving now"


    Why the hell would you walk?

  10. 10 Expectation: You were an anonymous sexual animal of the night

    Reality: Social media

    Drunk you thought becoming Facebook friends would be *hilarious*.

  11. 11 Expectation: Remorse

    Reality: Contentment

    Long may the cycle continue.

    Feature image: Leah Buckley