New sex social network gets you answers to all your awk sex questions

The ultimate cure to the 'Am I normal?' question.


If the only thing you learnt in sex ed was how to prevent a banana from getting an STI, this new app may help fill in the gaps.

Two Stanford University alumni are launching a sex app called Tabu, which helps you get answers to all your most toe-curling sex queries.

Source: Tabu

Tabu allows users to have their own profile - at a chosen degree of anonymity - and lets people ask and answer other users' questions about sex. And if you spot an interesting sex article, it’s a platform to share this too. The app also features an FAQ page with basic information about topics including sexuality, contraception and masturbation.

Elise Racine and Mia Davis, who have been roommates since they started college, say the idea stemmed from their own discussions about how much real life sex can differ from our expectations.

Source: Tabu

"Sex is so awkward and every time you see it in the movies it's always hot and steamy, but then you know there are body parts and all this other funny stuff," Davis told Mic.

The pair, who graduated just last year, have teamed up with sources including porn star Lorelei Lee and the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists to help provide accurate information for the app.

The app goes live on May 9 2016.

Feature image: Tabu