How to swap your unwashed student undies for cash

We explain exactly how to sell your tainted undies for certified cash, smelly socks and all. If you so wished.


We know how much you hate doing your laundry; almost as much as being strapped for cash, right? Here at we’re dedicated to helping you make some seriously easy money, even if the methods are slightly bizarre.

But this has to be our most bizarre method yet.

Through my poverty stricken student times, the story of people getting cash for selling their used underwear has popped up once or twice. I've always thought that it sounds like a ridiculously easy way of earning money, but also that it might be an urban myth of sorts - i.e. not really possible.

Well, times don't seem to be getting any easier, so I thought I'd give it a go and report back the results here on I've even compiled them into a handy 8 step guide telling you how to get cash for your own unwashed under garments. Whether you follow it or not is very much your own personal decision - I'm describing my experiment here and explaining how you would replicate it - if you so chose.

We now head into the stranger - you could say creepier - corners of the internet. This (now) tried and tested money making tip is not for the faint hearted...

What you’ll need:

dirty underwear

the internet

8 steps to unwashed undie riches..

1.) Create a persona

You’ll need a new identity for the job, just in case your English tutor comes across your stimulating advert in their spare time. ‘Pedro’s pants’ might work, but only if you’re name’s not Pedro. You’ll also need a matching email address for your ‘customers’ to contact you directly.

2.) Think finance

Creating a PayPal account specifically for your earnings is a nifty way of getting your hands on your cash fast, without having to reveal any personal details.

3.) Reel ‘em in

Create a larger-than-life story about how you’re an impoverished student (which, you are) needing to earn some money and have used underwear for sale. Supply a saucy picture in your undies with a negotiable asking price. Using classified sites like Adpost are good - I posted in as many 'free ad' places I could find across the net.

4.) Sit and wait

You shouldn’t be twiddling your thumbs for too long. If you’re advert strikes a chord you’ll have an interesting selection of messages in no time. I put my advert early on Monday morning and by 7pm that evening I'd already secured my very first costumer.

Warning, this is when it could start getting slightly awkward/icky.

5.) Start talking - money

Depending on the nature of your ad, you may receive some peculiar requests. You’re bound to have buyers asking for specifically scented items etc. Basic advice is don't do anything you're uncomfortable with and the more time and hassle it is for you, the more you charge of course.

6.) Get smelly

Whether you’ve been asked to supply seriously sweaty long-johns or let your methane gas loose on your batman boxers – give them what they want. I was asked not to change my socks for a week - I was very happy to wear them for four days in a row and then cash in the whiffy little fellas..

7.) Cash in, then dispatch

By Tuesday morning I had £20 in my PayPal account. I then sealed the goods in a zip-lock bag, (so the smell didn't waft away – naturally) and sent them over.

8.) Keep in touch

If you’re not completely grossed out by the whole ordeal, keeping in contact with your buyer could bring you in some steady earnings. Other student sellers I came across doing my research have started their own websites. That’s not quite for me, but I'm happy to keep cashing in on the sock contact.

So that’s it. My spontaneous experiment took about half an hour to set up, and less than 24 hours to reap the benefits. But of course it's very much a personal decision as to whether you'd be happy to do it.

Some people have said that having the 'saucy photo' as part of the process is what bothers them the most, but I don't see any difference between that and wearing revealing clothing on a night out or the majority of model shoots.

And whether it's a photo, an idea or some used underwear, there's a certain activity they can all end up being used for - but, hey, there's always the possibility of getting a 'thank you' due to the thoughtful people behind this polite new web service ;-) :

New website lets you 'Thank Your Wank'