26 relationship dealbreakers

You don't shower? ERR... ok byeeeeeeeee.


Relationships can be great. Spending lots of time together, finishing each others sentences, PDA... It's great to get to know that someone special, that is until you get to know them a bit TOO well.

While most of us can deal with an obsession with Marmite or a third nipple, there are some things that make you want to run for the hills.

We advise that if you spot any of these signs, GET OUT! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!

  1. 1 So at first you're all
  2. 2 Then you find out they don't use deodorant...
  3. 3 And they don't shower
  4. 4 They're pretty over-attached
  5. 5 They won't even let you go to bathroom on your own
  6. 6 You come home from work and find them like this
  7. 7 They get super jealous of other guys/girls
  8. 8 Like, SUPER jealous
  9. 9 They HATE your best friend
  10. 10 Their grammar is unforgivably bad
  11. 11 They have a worse grasp on technology than your Grandma
  12. 12 They can be pretty tetchy sometimes
  13. 13 So much so that you feel like asking
  14. 14 They have a tendency to overreact
  15. 15 SERIOUSLY overreact
  16. 16 They wear shorter shorts/more fake tan than you (one for the girls!)
  17. 17 They have really weird hobbies
  18. 18 SERIOUSLY weird...
  19. 19 They're way too flash with their cash
  20. 20 Their breath is worse than your dogs
  21. 21 You can never EVER go clubbing with them ever again
  22. 22 They're not comfortable with labelling the relationship. In fact they tell everyone...
  23. 23 You're a bit concerned about their feelings towards food...
  24. 24 They're really into changing their style. Dramatically.
  25. 25 Their dirty talk is shockingly bad
  26. 26 However, you could forgive ALL of that as long as they're not
  27. 27 A Justin Bieber fan