15 shocking stats about your sex life

You have been naughty, haven't you?


We know all your dirty secrets. Don't worry, we haven't been spying on you, you actually told us. You might remember we sent out our annual Sex Survey a little while back, well we've had a look through the results and boy, we learned a lot.

If you believe the myths about university then you'd expect everyone on campus to be shagging like it's going out of fashion, but is there any truth to this? Scroll down and you might just find out!

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1. A lot of you lost your virginity when you were 16 or younger

2. Over a quarter of you have had 10 or more sexual partners

3. Almost a third of you have slept with just one person since starting uni

4. Nearly as many of you aren’t having sex at all

5. Ladies couldn't decide whether 'Doggy' or 'Missionary' was their favourite position

6. Whereas lads clearly chose 'Her on top' as their favourite

7. 10% of guys said anal was their favourite, whereas just 1% of girls said they preferred it

8. Some of you are into a spot of BDSM

9. A handful of guys have paid for sex or been with a prostitute

10. Quite a few of you have had sex in a public place

11. More than half of you have regretted having sex with someone

12. More girls have admitted to catching an STI than guys

13. Just over a quarter of you have cheated on a partner

14. Over a quarter of you have filmed yourself having sex or engaging in sex acts with a partner

15. Guys receive more sexual pics/vids than girls