15 little ways to know the person you're with is the one

Your prince or princess charming.

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Relationships aren't always easy. They require constant work and attention. And in the great ones, it's totally worth it.

But in every couple's life comes a moment when they need to answer some bigger questions in order to be happy. Is my partner the one? Are we actually in a loving relationship or are we just having fun?

So to help you know, here's a little list of signs your boo might actually be The One you've been dreaming of.

  1. 1 You respect each other

    That also means you respect yourselves. You have no time for petty games and power struggles. You also know when to speak up when something harms you in any way.

    Basically, you're both very kind and considerate to one another.

  2. 2 They're not afraid to make sacrifices for you and you're happy to do the same for them

    Because you know that being together is hard work and that although you love each other, you are two different people who sometimes need different things from life.

  3. 3 They support you in everything you do

    Because your successes are their successes. And when they win, you win as well.

  4. 4 You share the same values

    You know what you believe in and you know your rights from wrongs. Very important in the long run!

  5. 5 No matter how long you've been dating, they can still be romantic

    They will occasionally surprise you with a little "I love you" or "You look beautiful today" - and it will still make you blush even though you've heard it so many times before.

  6. 6 They don't try to change you

    They just simply accept you for who you are, with all your wonderful flaws.

  7. 7 But they also know how to talk about things they're not comfortable with

    Your fights are not really fights - they're more like heated discussions because you listen to each other rather than point scoring.

  8. 8 You’re genuinely excited at the prospect of spending the rest of your life with them

    And chances are you've already discussed what your dream house will look like and how many kids you want (if any, of course).

  9. 9 You’re comfortable planning things three, six, or 10 months ahead

    Because the prospect of breaking up hasn't even crossed your mind, you're having so much fun.

  10. 10 They really listen to you and let you vent, even if they’re not sure how to help

    Because you know they'll be there for you, even when the rain starts to pour.

  11. 11 There’s mutual trust between you two

    No secret checking on their social media pages, no stealthy peaking at who they've been texting.

  12. 12 And you're honest with each other

    You know lies come out sooner or later. Besides, you respect each other too much to trick one another and hide things from each other.

  13. 13 Your silent moments are just as comfortable as the times you’re talking

    Because you can be yourself 100% of the time. There's no need to be on guard and filter your personality for them. There's no awkwardness. You're just you.

  14. 14 Your happiness means their happiness, and vice versa


  15. 15 But most importantly, you're best friends, and only then lovers

    Being physical with each other is great, flirting is awesome, but if you don't enjoy their company in the non-romantic sense, then what's the point? The rest of life is non-romantic. You want to enjoy that too.