13 things you learn from your first relationship

You've gotta learn the hard way sometimes.


Whatever age you were at the time, your first relationship felt like a love that'd last forever.

HA. For most of us, it certainly wasn't. But there was still something very educating about the experience - for your ex-SO as well as yourself.

A bunch of wise Redditors have gathered what they believe they learned from their first relationship.

Any of these ring a bell?

  1. 1 It's easy to convince yourself anything is ok

    If you don't think you have any other options.

  2. 2 Find someone of a similar emotional and mental maturity to you

    Or things will get frustrating quickly.

  3. 3 Your partner is your best friend

    But they shouldn't be your ONLY friend.

  4. 4 Both of you can be perfectly good people

    But that doesn't always mean you're good for each other. And that's okay.

  5. 5 Find someone you're compatible with

    Instead of trying to mold someone into the person you'd actually want to date.

  6. 6 You can't fix someone's problems

    The best you can do is be supportive.

  7. 7 Don't waste someone else's time

    When you know you're not going to end up with them.

  8. 8 Be the partner you would want to have

    It's only fair.

  9. 9 It's okay to disagree on things

    As long as you respect one another and remain allies.

  10. 10 Don't date clingy people

    Unless you're clingy yourself.

  11. 11 You need time alone

    As often as you need time together. Unless you want to have an identity crisis further down the line.

  12. 12 You can't save someone

    They have to save themselves.

  13. 13 If something is important to you

    Don't let them convince you otherwise - be that a hobby, friend, opinion, or anything else.

    Feature image: M.G. Films