13 legitimate benefits of being in a long-distance relationship

It's not all tears and sadness.

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Long-distance relationships get a lot of shit from people. Some say they're all doomed from the start, some say you can't have a meaningful relationship without having regular sex.

But we rarely focus on all the positive things that can come out of a LDR. And there are many!

  1. 1 Your relationship is not built on physicality

    Because you're not together all the time, you are less likely to confuse lust with love.

    As a result, you experience a deep level of emotional intimacy that builds up very early on into the relationship. Double win.

  2. 2 But when the sex happens, it's always amazing

    Having limited time to be intimate with each other makes it more special when it finally happens.

    And since you have less time to share, you are more likely to be a bit more adventurous with your sex life. If not now, when?

  3. 3 It’s a never-ending lesson in effective communication

    Most of your communication happens through words - text messages, letters, emails, phone conversations. Since you can't get physical with each other as often as you'd like, you talk a lot about your feelings.

    Which is great, since communication is the key to successful relationship. Hooray!

  4. 4 You get to know each other very well quite fast

    Consequently, because you spend so much time chatting away, you learn a lot about each other. And we're not talking about things like hobbies or favourite movies.

    You get to know your partner's hopes, fears, and dreams pretty much from the beginning. Playing open cards in a relationship is definitely a good tactic.

  5. 5 Long-distance helps the trust grow

    Sure, not all LDR survive. We're also not saying that people in 'normal' relationships can't trust each other.

    But being apart for long periods of time really helps you manage your jealousy levels. You have to learn how to do it. Otherwise, you'll drive yourself crazy.

  6. 6 You become more romantic

    Since your boo is not there to receive the daily dosage of tiny kisses and their fair share of hand-holding, you have to become more creative with the way you show them you love them.

    Hand-written letters, mix tapes, bespoke gifts - you constantly try to come up with ways you can compensate for the distance. Swoon.

  7. 7 You can have as much 'alone time' as you need

    Being a couple can get hectic sometimes. Luckily, being in a LDR gives you plenty of 'alone time' without feeling guilty for ditching your partner to do things solo.

    What's more, you become significantly more independent in a relationship because you both have your separate lives to focus on.

  8. 8 It’s easier to not compromise your career in favour of your relationship

    Sure, compromise is an integral part of every relationship, but living away from your lover can mean more opportunities for you, job-wise.

    You don't have to worry about taking that new job in a different city - you're already apart, so it doesn't really make that much difference.

    Sure, it would be nice if you could both live in the same place, at the same time, but since you can't atm, you might as well make the best of it.

  9. 9 You get to go on adventures

    Just think about all the travelling you get to do! You can show bae your city, and they can take you on sightseeing tours of theirs. You can also meet half-way and explore foreign lands.

    Not only that, because you get less time to spend together, you'll really make the most of your adventuring. Carpe diem, innit?

  10. 10 You get really good at planning

    Because of all that travelling, you become an expert on planning. You know where to get the cheapest plane tickets, how to pack efficiently, and how to score great deals on Airbnb.

    And while you're at it, you learn how to clearly express, plan, and adjust your expectations too.

  11. 11 You learn a lot about yourself

    Being in extreme situations can often reveal a lot about your true nature.

    Maybe you always thought you can't have a successful relationship without having regular sex, and now you're starting to question it.

    Maybe you always thought you want to start a family, but now you discovered you actually like just the two of you hanging out.

    What ever it might be, LDRs can teach you a lot about life and who you really are.

  12. 12 You practice being patient

    Cuz, y'know, you have to do a lot of waiting, obviously.

  13. 13 You know that if you survive the distance, you can survive pretty much anything

    Because if love is there, you can be happy together, regardless of where either of you lives.

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