Your old iPods and Nokia brick phones could be worth a small fortune

Retro goods at future prices.

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You might think your first mobile or iPod is worthless crap that should have been thrown out years ago, but did you know your outdated junk could now be worth a small fortune?

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Comparison site Totally Money has saved us all a lot of time by creating a list of what classic products (such as iPods, Nokia phones, and handheld video games) could be worth today (clue: it's a lot more than we were expecting).

Your 2001 iPod Classic could fetch up to £807 - who knew?

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The original GameBoy from Nintendo (the one old people used before PlayStation and XBOX hit the shelves) could fetch up to £259!

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Anyone remember 1999's Nokia 3210? One of those is worth up to £42.60.

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This bad boy from 1984, known as an Apple Macintosh 128K, is valued at up to £1,274. Who needs a MacBook Air huh?

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And in case you want to feel REALLY old, the 2004 Sony CD Walkman can fetch a cool £273.

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In case you wanted to compare other ancient goodies, you can take the valuation quiz over at Metro.

Don't forget us when you're a gazillionaire, yeah?

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