Your boss CAN look at your private messages, turns out

Whoop de doo.


Ever said something questionable about your boss over an instant messenger at work? Don't worry, we know.

Well, it turns out that your boss does have the right to look your private online messages - as long as you've sent them during work hours.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has now ruled that companies can look at your private messages on services like Yahoo Messenger.

And if that isn't bad enough, they can also fire you for 'misusing' the work computers.

According to the Metro, it all comes down to a case surrounding a Romanian engineer. He was fired for chatting with his fiancee and brother online during work hours - the company's policy prohibited personal messaging - and the ECHR dismissed the guy's argument that the company had violated any of his rights.


And yep, this could certainly happen to you here in the UK. According to Citizens Advice, bosses have the right to open and read your emails, record phone calls, check your phone logs and record you on CCTV cameras.

They don't even need your permission first - though they do have to inform you unless you've committed a really serious crime.

Finally, they can check the details of any websites you visit. Yeah, I'd close that tab now if I were you.

Feature image: iStock