You could be a professional tortoise walker

For those that need to take life a little slower.


Sure, you could become a dog walker. That pays pretty well, apparently.

But instead, how about you become a professional tortoise walker?

Source: Craigslist

Seriously. If you like the slow, chilled things in life - and tortoises - vacancies for a job in New York City are open now.


The tortoise's owner recently posted this on Craigslist: "I'm in search of a responsible animal lover to take Henry, my 16-year-old African tortoise, to Central Park on warm weekdays.

"I live a few short blocks from Central Park and have a pet stroller to get him to and from."

Once at the park, Henry (yes, that's the lil guy's name) can roam free.

Source: Craigslist

Beware: tortoises can actually move way quicker than you think, so you'd need to have your wits about you and be fast on your feet.

One ticket to New York City, please.

Feature image: Darkhorse Winterwolf