You can now own a two-bedroom double-decker bus for just £35k. Interested?

It has a wet room with marble flooring, for crying out loud!

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We all know the property market is a disaster at the moment and the housing crisis is in full bloom, but this Rightmove listing proves things are even worse than we expected.

Earlier this week, a two-bedroom double-decker bus went on the market for a staggering £35,000. Yes, you've read that right. A bus. For £35k. Wow.

Source: Rightmove
Source: Rightmove
Source: Rightmove

Remodeled to resemble a caravan, this home on four wheels has "ample storage, full size gas hob and boiler, a wood burning stove, TWO dining areas, as well as oak flooring and luxury carpets."

Not too shabby for a bus, eh?

But if that still isn't fancy enough for you, there's also marble flooring in the wet room and the master bedroom is fitted with a custom-made wardrobe.

The property, based in Coombe Farm, is close to the English Channel and only five miles away from the high streets of Brighton and Hove. And since the bus has a fully operational engine, you can even take your home for a field trip to the beach if you wish.

Best part about this listing? The land rental is only £100 a month, bills included.

We have to admit, it all sounds great, but would we actually want to live on a farm in a converted bus? We're not too sure.

What about you?

Feature image © Rightmove