You can now buy an Australian town for less than a London flat

Location, location, location.

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Buying property isn't exactly at the top of young people's lists in 2016, where housing values are through the roof - especially if you live in London.

However, rather than invest in a cramped, barely liveable one-bedroom flat in the UK's capital, you can quite literally buy an Australian town for less, according to the Courier Mail.

Allies Creek is a small (and we mean very small) town located over 200 miles north west of Brisbane in the middle of nowhere, and is home to just 14 people - including owner Natali Williams and her son Roger.

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The property (if you can call it such) is on the market for £367,275, which is less than what you can purchase a place to live in in London for, with average prices there in excess of half-a-million. It's certainly an interesting alternative if you're looking to invest in property, that's for sure.

Natali recalls the day she accidentally (?!) bought the whole town when all she really wanted was something less flashy: "We went to look at a bit of machinery and we ended up buying the whole town.

"It was a bit of an accident that we bought the place but I'm so glad we did."

Granted, moving to Australia is a little further than hopping on the train to London, but it looks like you get more for your money in Oz. It's got a sound infrastructure (so there's running water and electricity), but most importantly the weather's much better than it is in Blighty.

Now just to arrange that viewing...

Feature credit: Gary Sauer-Thompson