Woman grows hair for 21 years

She must get through a lot of Pantene.

Long hair

Meet the real-life Rapunzel, Jiang Aixiu.

With a 3.6 metre mane, Aixiu is proud of the fact she hasn't cut her hair in 21 years, all thanks to the recommendation of a hairdresser in 1990.

'I went to get my hair cut, but the hairdresser suggested me to keep it as its quality is good' recalled Aixiu.

Her hair grows at an amazing rate of 20cm a year, but Aixiu insists 'I didn't eat anything special or use any special shampoos'.

'I have to wash my hair section by section, and it takes at least two hours to wash it all.'

Although Aixiu has previously turned down 10,000 Yuan for her hair, she is now planning to cut it, as doctors say her long locks absorb too much nutrition from her head. Weird.