Woman falls in love with Statue of Liberty

Suffering from a condition known as ‘objectum sexuality’, Amanda Whittaker has also had an affair with a drum kit...

Woman falls in love with statue of liberty

Things we love: Cats in bread. Tortoise vs Grape. The crazy girl who went on a text rampage after a one-night-stand.

Now, when we say we love them, what we mean is we found them amusing. We don’t want to stroke the bread cats, we don’t want to change our name to Mr Tortoise, and we certainly don’t want to take the crazy girl to bed with us.

When 27-year-old Amanda Whittaker says that she loves the Statue of Liberty, however, this is exactly what she means.

This week Amanda appeared on ITV’s This Morning telling Philip and Holly about the rare condition she suffers from - objectum sexuality.

Put simply this means that she falls madly in love with inanimate objects, in the same way that you or I would with a boy/girlfriend (or, more accurately, a stranger on the train).

Amanda claims that her first love affair was with a drum kit when she was just 13 years old - even telling Schofe that she used to take it to bed with her.

Leaving the drum kit broken hearted (poor thing!), she has now moved on to the Statue of Liberty. Even going so far as asking people to call her Amanda Liberty - while her most prized possession is a 6ft replica.

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