Where you're most likely to die taking a selfie revealed

Watch those cliffs.


It's hard to think of a selfie being anything but a bit of harmless fun.

Apparently, however, there are places in the world where you're more likely to kill yourself taking one.

In what it says shouldn't be considered to be a complete study, Priceonomics found out who's most likely to reach an untimely death by taking a selfie, and where.


According to i100, of the 49 selfie-related deaths they found 13 were women, 36 were men, and the most common age to die was 21.

The country with the most selfie-related deaths was India by a mile, with 19 deaths out of the 49.

This was followed by Russia, with seven deaths, then the United States with five.

Spain was the top European country in the list with four deaths.


Apparently the most likely cause of death was a falling from a height, followed by drowning.

So when you're next off on holiday or travelling, feel free to take loads of photos - but watch your step, ok?

Feature image: iStock